Rickman On The Mend

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  South Salem’s Ryan Rickman has found himself a month ahead of schedule in his recovery.  Recovery from a surgical procedure to repair a tore labrum and  stretching of his shoulder capsule he suffered during his Senior Season of football with the Saxons.

The injury had knocked Rickman out of his final two games of his High School prep career and had sidelined the bruising back from the basketball court with his arm in a sling for much of the Winter.

His range of motions is coming back around in the joint.  The weight room numbers are coming back up with the exception of his bench press, but it’s all in the process of not jeopardizing those recovered gains in the repaired ball-and-socket joint entering the next chapter of his playing career.

“It’s great seeing that my shoulder range of motion is almost all back to where it was when fully healthy. Also, being able to get near pre-injury numbers on squats and deadlifts is huge…while being smart with it,” said Rickman.  “It feels pretty good to be a little ahead of schedule, but I am still being very pre-cautious with everything I do.”


Rickman had separated his shoulder against Bend October 4 in the close 24-10 defeat over the hill against the Lava Bears.  However, it wasn’t until the Oregon City two weeks later at home where the bulk of the damaged occurred for the Southern Oregon University football-commit.

“Against OC I had caught a pass and was running up the field and then tried to truck a guy coming at me,” Rickman described the play on the October 18 night.  “But when I did my shoulder dislocated stretching the capsule and tore the labrum.”

Rickman has never been afraid of a battle.  As mentioned above, he’s bruising football player on both sides of the ball at Running Back and Linebacker, etching his name into the South Salem-program the past few years.

Even with the injury, Rickman said that he’s not steering away or changing what made him the ballplayer he is today.  The injury perhaps, just made him just that much better of a football player when he joins Charlie Hall’s squad down in Ashland in the Fall.

Rickman preparing to get an hand-off during practice in August of 2019 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


“I’m the type of player that no matter what the score or situation is I’m going to leave everything on the field even if it means putting my body on the line,” said Rickman. “Honestly, I’m not going to make any adjustments, and I’m just going to keep the mentality I’ve always had.

“Watching from the sideline helped me visualize the game more and help me to read different situations on the field better.”

And as he worked on things like squats, deadlifts and bench strength aspect of things as of late, the Saxon Senior’s been working on the finer things at home with field work.

The plyometrics, agility ladders, conditioning and hip mobility as he’ll be doing a different kind of hitting in college with turning to his Linebacking skills for the Raiders the next few years.

“I’m stoked for the opportunity, and I’ve been training hard in my at home gym and doing a lot of field work until quarantine is over and I can get back to Forshey Training,” said Rickman.

Rickman played Linebacker at the Varsity level for the Saxons entering college, Southern Oregon University went 4-7 last season after reaching the NAIA Semi-Final round in 2017.  The Raiders reached the NAIA Championship in 2014 and 2015, winning it all in 2014 as Rickman will be majoring in business while wanting to get his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Certification.

The plan is to be able to help future student-athlete’s in preparing their bodies while preventing injuries and rehab if they do have an injury.

“My plan is to open a gym to help athlete prepare their bodies and help prevent injuries, but to also help athletes dealing with injuries to do rehab and get them back to their sport or activity,” said Rickman.


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