By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  The #ValleyStrong movement has started with the Valley Track Club this Spring.

With the recent cancellations of the OSAA Spring Sports season due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Founder and Director Ron Koskondy has found a way to combat the cancelation through the club.

They’re a community club that started May of 2019, with last summer being their first-ever USATF Season, and are not specific to any school program.  Wanting to develop athletes over programs from Middle School age through High School with programs designed to help athlete’s seeking to achieve high-level goals at the local, regional and National levels at USATF Competitions.

The program has drawn in area coaches from the Middle School, High School coaches as well former collegiate athletes who are with VTC as coaches to help provide their athletes with a positive environment.  Serving as an adviser as well for athletes to collaborate with other coaches to help further the program’s athletic abilities and exceed their personal goals.

Last year in their first year, Valley Track Club had 37 registered member athletes over five High Schools and six Middle Schools, only three of the 27 had ever competed at this level.  Seven received scholarships for participation.

27 athletes competed at the USATF Junior Olympics, 19 reached the USATF Regional Junior Olympics and six reached the National Junior Olympic level.  Two finished 22nd and 32 in the Nation in one event while another athlete finished 15th and 29th nationally in two events.

The Valley Track Club also provided 15 (parent/guardian and member athlete) volunteers for the Special Olympics Oregon’s Track and Field event that was held at Willamette University.

In 2020, Koskondy has been working hard in preparing for the chances of this season, wanting to help to fill the void left by the COVID-19 Cancellation this past Spring.  Designing a plan of how to go about it.

“It is very important to give these student-athletes an opportunity and our club may very well be the only option for competition if USATF allows meets and championship series to go off,” Koskondy said in an email.  “(I) was talking with a friend who also brought up the importance for athletes that had yet signed or been offered any scholarships or opportunities for college. It may very well make the USATF summer competitions a way for these athletes to get the opportunity for collegiate recruitment.”

”The Clubs #VALLEYSTRONG effort and summer programs, if they are allowed to happen will allow for student participation, a collaboration of coaching and help us live our guiding principles, mission and vision in this our second season.”

Here’s what he has planned out to help athletes:

  • Pre-registration is open now on our website – no money will be collected
  • All athletes that have pre-registered by going to our website will receive 50% off registration fees for the 2020 summer program
  • Refer 10 of your teammates or friends (new to Valley Track Club) to pre-register! We will Take an additional 10% off registration fees for the 2020 summer program!

“We are taking pre-registrations with no money being collected, offering discounted rate and a way for athletes to save 10% more if they refer teammates or friends,” said Koskondy.  “If they need to contact us with questions we have a contact option on the website or they can e-mail us at valleytrackclub@gmail.com.”

For more information about Valley Track Club, please visit their website at:  https://www.valleytrackclub.org/.


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