Hard Work Pays Off

By Jeremy McDonald


AURORA, Ore.–   “Everyone has worked too hard for me to not be successful”.

It is true to the saying that it takes a village to raise a child.  For North Marion’s David Page, this day of his commitment to Shasta College was a long time coming.  Overcoming a rare wrist injury two days before the start of his Junior season.

Having the support of friends, coaches, teammates and family that have pushed him to who he is.  Parents and grandparents who have sacrificed a lot to make sure his dreams come true.

“I have always been a hard worker but when I was “counted out” after coming back from an injury it made me work even harder,” said Page.  “My drive for success comes from my father watching him go to work every day 3:30 am – 4 Pm really just has made me realize I can work hard at anything.

“Since I was young this has always been my goal there has been bumps along the way but it has made me the person I am today, and without the support of my family none of this would be possible.”

Injuries are always scary, especially later in your High School career as it did for Page.  But the injury made the North Marion Running Back and Linebacker appreciate everything as it built that fire for him for his Senior Year.

“It really made me appreciate everything and made me come back hunger and it has made me carry a boulder on my shoulder trying to prove everyone wrong to show I can compete at a high level,” said Page.  “Playing a whole junior year with an injury really sucked and getting told my professionals I will never play this game again.

“Made me work twice as hard. I took a risk on a surgery that was not guaranteed to work, but I took the shot. I had surgery and started the road the recovery.”

The Huskies finished 7-3, 5-0 in the Tri-Valley Conference his Senior Year and reached the 4A State Quarterfinal round before falling to Marist Catholic 28-21 after going 5-5 the year before and reaching the Opening Round of the playoffs.

It was a hard road for Page to get to this point, he even admitted that it wasn’t always easy.  But now the dream is here, the support system is there.  Now it’s time to attack for the North Marion football stud in Redding, California for the Knights.


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