Molan Has Unfinished Business

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.– The Oregon West Conference Player of the Year Award and being named Second-Team All-State as a Junior is all groovy and all, but Cascade’s Carson Molan has more to prove as he enters the off-season before his Senior year in the Black and Yellow outside of awards.

“I mean I enjoy getting awards but I don’t want to be too focused on them and lose sight of what’s important,” said Molan.  “I’m not after individual awards I want that state championship trophy and I want it with my brothers. I can’t be satisfied with the awards I won because I know I can get better in a lot of aspects in my game.

“I need to take the time to put in work and get better instead of being happy with where I am. I want more then what I got. There’s so many small things that I can work on to be better as a player and as a teammate. I just want to be the best I can be for my teammates and get that trophy together.”

Foot placement on a last second three-pointer called two against Klamath Union on March 7 had prevented the Cougars from forcing some more time onto the clock in the hunt for their first Elite 8 appearance since the 2014-2015 season.

Cascade fell 69-68 in the 4A Playoff opener that day, but it was an good learning experience for Molan in how to become an leader with the Cougars finishing 18-7 and 8-4 in the tough OWC this past Winter.  As tough it might be for players to admit their weaknesses at times, Molan looked at this past season as good year for him to improve as a leader, a teammate and as a player for his team more on a consistent basis.

Carson Molan (5) goes up for the jump ball against Damian Ball (42) at the intra-squad scrimmage this past November (Picture By Jeremy McDonalD)

“As a leader I learned to take a step back and trust my teammates and give them my all because at the end of the day we fight for each other,” said Molan.  “As a teammate I learned to care more about my brothers over myself. I learned that they all have my back no matter what. And as a player I learned to trust in my ability’s god gave me and to never be satisfied.

“At times I believe I stepped up and provided what was needed but I also believe I could’ve done WAY better. as far as my team I think they did a tremendous job! Night in a night out my teammates trusted me and the coaches and then stepped up to the plate every game. No matter who we played we had some struggles but I think more than anything they showed why we were arguably one of the best teams in state.”

Days after their season-ending loss to the Pelicans in Klamath Falls, the 4A State Tournament was canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  If the ball bounced their way and they won instead of lost, they wouldn’t have gotten a chance to go after the goal of a State Championship starting with Philomath that March 12 evening.

Putting on hold the dream of the battle for that prize at the end of the tunnel for someone like a Molan has been hoping for.

For Molan, yes his season was done in Klamath, but the cancellation was an eye-opener for him knowing that could’ve been him and his team in that slot.  The cancellation had kicked the soon-to-be-Senior into gear about possibly what the future holds for him knowing how quickly it could’ve been taken away like it did for the other Seniors involved this year.

Molan reacting to an in-bound throw-in against Marist Catholic on January 7 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It was really an eye opener when everything got cancelled. I learned that I don’t know when my last game will be.  I don’t know when my last practice will be but I don’t plan on it being anytime soon,” said Molan.  “After everything ended so abruptly everything really kicked into gear for me. I was like “wow it’s my season senior of high school” like I hope to make it as far as I can this year and I learned that if u don’t give it your all you may not like the outcome.

“I can take everything I learned and apply it to next year because I still got one year left. I learned that nothing should be taken for granted because in a heartbeat you may be playing your last game with your best friends.”

Molan said too that his mom had always told him ‘Win or lose, have fun’.

“I always enjoyed hearing the from her because it’s kind of a family affair so I always have a smile,” said Molan.

Speaking of Family Affair.  With his Uncle Calvin Molan coming in as Head Coach this Winter for the Varsity program after being the Junior Varsity Head Coach before, it was an awesome experience outside of a few road bumps here and there.

“It was pretty awesome last year.  Obvious had some road bumps but it was super fun,” said the younger Molan.






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