Once We Get Back To Normal…What If?

By Jeremy McDonald


Guarantee as soon as the dust settles on this piece, something will come out that will blow up what I’m going to say in the next few sentences.

And yes I know I’ll get a lot of shit for making it about sports at this time (Remember:  Stay safe.  Wash your hands and cover your sneezes and coughs), but I’ve been thinking about how would you possibly go about alternatives to save Spring Sports.

As much as I’m an optimist about it turning out good and we’ll look back and say ‘we were too cautious’ knowing we got lucky it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, it’s hard to fathom the possibility with the sports world what it will be like.

I’m a sports writer, been one for seven years and I hope to continue to moving forward, I’ve gotten experience writing general news stuff. May not be the best at sports writing, but found a niche with it since getting done with college in the previous decade.

But as we sit here, waiting for the day where life returns to normal whenever that might be, I can’t help but to let my mind wander to sports to get my mind off of this coronavirus talk, yet have it on the same subject with the after-effect.

Now let’s play pretend here.

It’s all pretend, but let’s think about it. Let’s have some fun with it since we’re in a holding pattern until God knows when at this point.

If somehow, with the new CDC-recommendations, Oregon starts back up April 1 as originally planned, would it be safe to say you’ll start the games a week later to factor in the two-week break and play schedule as is?  I’m no baseball, softball, or Lacrosse coach but it could be 10 days or two weeks, I don’t know if seven days is a safe bet.  Track season may be just a few invites to sharpen up the skills in the events entering Districts, but mainly practices at this point to qualify for State.

Now if you plan in the current eight-week recommendation…eight weeks put you in early-to-mid May.  Do you just cancel the season or let the teams play one or two games for the Seniors?  In that situation, it may just be the rival in a three-game series even in the form of exhibition games for bragging rights.  Maybe work in a rivalry trophy to spice it up for the Seniors.

In Track, this is tricky.  Do you just have one giant ‘Meet of Champions’-like meet where teams send in one-, two-athlete’s as like delegates like the Olympics and just have a three-day extravaganza?  Make it fun.

Obviously school will be tricky depending on who goes on online with services like Blackboard and how to maneuver that until they’re allowed back in the classroom without much missed class time.  I’ve taken online school to get my Master’s Degree and I know how hard it is to focus on that without the fear of going outside to catch a virus, let alone with it.

Like I said, I’ll probably get shit over ‘not taking it seriously’, but we can’t just sit here dreading and burning ourselves out over the fear of Coronavirus.

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