Sports Will Find A Way

By Jeremy McDonald

Jeff Goldblum’s interpretation of Jurassic Park’s Ian Malcolm put it best:

‘Life finds a way”

I was listening, seeing the chaos Coronavirus is leaving behind in the sports world while I was getting my lift in at the 24-Hour Fitness in Salem today and this line popped into my head as I was walking out to my car following the workout.

I couldn’t help to think that, with all these cancelations and suspensions of sporting events that Sports Finds a Way, will find a way to happen.

College kids and high school kids who have played basketball, baseball since they were as tall as the T-Ball stand and maybe older have been competing up to this point.  Blood, sweat and tears to be told no by someone in a seat of command.

It’s the nature of the beast.

You’ve trained for battle and then have the rug pulled from under you.  Let’s look at this, with these cancelations, who says that Oregon State’s baseball team won’t make a California trip over a weekend to play Cal State Fullerton on their own at some random park?  Straight sandlot baseball like we saw with the 1990’s classic The Sandlot?

Who says that these kids who had their basketball seasons canceled won’t try to get a few teams together to have one more game on the local blacktop somewhere?

Sports has a weird way of bringing people together and bring out that competitive side of people.  A cancelation or suspension won’t repress, won’t inhibit it.  Shit it may even dump gasoline on it and make the athlete want to do it more to prove you wrong in some way.

Sports will find a way like life does.

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