MVC Girls Basketball League Honors

By Jeremy McDonald

South Salem’s Hilary James won Player of the Year. Kaycee Brown of Bend won Defensive Player of the Year and the Saxons Adrian Lewis won Coach of the Year.

First Team
Kaycee Brown Bend
Caitlin Wheeler Bend
Skye Miller McKay
Leah Doutt McNary
Bailey Dickerson Mountain View
Hillary James South Salem
Victoria Stafford South Salem
Paige Alexander West Salem

McKay’s Skye Miller (24), pictured here during the Scots game with Summit on February 1, picked first-team honors after transferring down from Alaska thi school year (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Second Team
Bekah Grimmer McNary
Kailynn Bowles Mountain View
Gretchen Olsen South Salem
Delaney Keith South Salem
Hope Neibauer Summit
Healy Bledsoe Summit
Olivia Rudolph West Salem
Lizzy Bennett West Salem

West Salem’s Lizzy Bennett (23), pictured here against McNary February 11, was named to the second-team All-league as a freshman (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Honorable Mention
Peyton Gardner Bend
Ava Dennis Bend
Elisha Daniels Bend
Bailley Donohue McKay
Kennedy Buss McNary
Kenzie Proctor McNary
Liliana Overcash Mountain View
Ellyson Haytas South Salem
Zoe Fry South Salem
Baylee Butler Sprague
Abby Haas Sprague
Alyssa Meza Sprague
Rose Koehler Summit
Maddy Ailstock West Salem
Mya Adams West Salem