Schudel, Mask Sign LOI To UCC And Corban Tuesday

By Jeremy McDonald

SCIO, Ore.– Interesting story was told about Aspen Schudel from her club coach as her and fellow Logger Jacob Mask signed their Letters of Intent Tuesday morning in the Scio High School Basketball Gym.

Two years ago, during a Sand Volleyball Tournament, Schudel went up for a play on the ball during a match and came down and broke her toe coming down on the shin of her Sand Volleyball teammate.

Yes it’s just a toe and nothing all too serious, but in the sport of Volleyball it could throw possibly throw you off your game exploding up for a ball or diving for one.  Nonetheless, the experiences of those Sand Volleyball matches, mixed in with the hardwood court Volleyball and the hard work in between has helped Schudel in signing her letter of intent to play at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg next season.

“Sand Volleyball actually helps a lot with your vertical.  I felt like that helps me because over the summer I train really hard for sand and then I’ll come back in here and I can kind of jump higher,” said Schudel.  “So sand makes you more court aware, so you can tip more, you can chip to wherever.  Just knowing what’s open, you just get a higher Volleyball IQ I feel.”


It’ll be a quick turnaround for Schudel this summer with the RiverHawks opening camp in July.

Schudel awaiting a ball during a drill prior to the start of her Senior season in August, 2019 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

There’s also a possibility with UCC will have Schudel move from her outside hitter position to libero in college, a position that she has never played but she is excited for the challenge if she is handed that different color jersey come Game Day.

“I think it’s not actually going to be tough because I love passing,” said Schudel.  “Hitting has calmed down for me because I’ve done it for so many years.  I was a middle at first, then I went to ouside and kind of right side and I’m kind of hoping I get to play right side as well as Libero so I can switch back-and-forth.

“But I think it’s something I can look forward too because it’s something new and I love trying new things.”

Similar to Schudel’s club coach’s story about the Scio Volleyball player, Mask’s club coach had something he brought up in advice to the Senior wrestler who was signing to Corban University for wrestling.

Jacob Mask (center) listening to Scio Head Coach Matt Parazoo (right) talking about Mask with Corban Head Coacch Keegan Davis (left) listening (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

It was something in the lines of ‘don’t look at the mountain top while walking, you may get tripped up by a stick along the way’, pretty much take it one-day-at-a-time being in the middle of his Senior season with his college career ahead of him.

“Just little goals, just little goals here and there.  Always have a long-term goal, but have little goals in between,” said Mask. “It’s going to be very important.  Like he said, the most important thing is to stay present.”

Warriors Head Coach Keegan Davis, sat to Mask’s right while Scio Head Coach Matt Parazoo sat to Mask’s left during the ceremony Tuesday.  Davis is right in the middle of the inaugural Corban season himself, talked about briefly about being able to start-up the program that Mask will be apart of starting next season in the programs sophomore year.

“The feeling when I went and did the visit and went and did their practice I knew I was going to go there,” starts Mask.  “That’s when I had that really good feeling that I was going to go to the next level.  The feeling is great.

“I do have a pretty hard work-ethic.  I put my nose down and do something, that’s going to help in the room.  No distractions just go-go-go.”

Scio Wrestling will be at this weekend’s Screaming Eagle Tournament at Santiam Christian.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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