Pirates Set Tone In Win Over South Wasco County

By Jeremy McDonald


PERRYDALE, Ore.–  They weren’t the tallest team on the court Friday, but Perrydale’s defense swarmed and bothered the South Wasco County offensive players from the opening tip, but they made up for it with athleticism and speed.

Behind runs of 12-2 and 13-2, the Pirates led the Redsides 25-13 in their 45-35 win on the heels of their tough defeat to St. Paul on the road the night before.

Their defense continued to dominate into the third, leading as much as 34-17 after Amity Deters midrange jumper with 3:20 left in the quarter.

Rebounding and the occasional turnover seemed to be their lone deficit in the game against South Wasco County.

“It’s nice, it’s what we do, we run a fast game and we try to keep it fast. We don’t want to slow it down,” said Kenzy Lawrence. “We’re working on a lot of our offense, so we need to work on a lot of our defense because we work with the ‘12’ a lot, our press, so I think we need to work on our man-to-man so we can start blocking out. We’re kind of spread out on the court right now, so we need to pack it in.”

“Just the silly mistakes, the turnovers and everything,” adds Elana Porter, who contributed six points on things they can improve on.

Sydney Lawrence rebounding a ball and trying to move it up court around the South Wasco County defenders around her (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Perrydale jumped out to a quick 12-2 lead before the Redsides answered on a 8-0 run to close out the first quarter down 12-10 to the Pirates. Slowly in the second quarter however, Perrydale used their defense and converted it to Fastbreak buckets in lay-ins and points off setting up their offense, leading 25-13 entering the second half.

Following Deters basket that made it 34-17, their defense Thursday held St. Paul to a similar point total at 16 early in the third quarter to what they held South Wasco County at 17 before the Buckaroos pulled away late as the Pirate offense struggled to land a shot.

Friday’s game was a totally different tun as Kenzy Lawrence hit on three three-pointers and scored 19 points as their offense backed their defense. Twin sister Syndey added 10 to Deters eight points in the win as they wrapped up a tough back-to-back with the Buckaroos Thursday night and the Redsides Friday 1-1.

“This game was good because we came off of St. Paul, but our other games we’ve came off of some other teams that weren’t so much of a challenge,” said Kenzy Lawrence. “Some of our starters didn’t get to play as much, so we didn’t get as much playing time before these bigger games. Working with St. Paul first the (South Wasco County) was much better.”

Perrydale will be off until December 27 when they host Joesph.  The Eagles just suffered their first loss of the season to Ione/Arlington 44-42 Friday.

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