Jefferson Takes Down Rival Scio In OT

By Jeremy McDonald

SCIO, Ore.–  You had a feeling when Danny Aguilar pushed Jefferson ahead with six seconds remaining up 51-49 in their 57-53 rivalry win over Scio that the Loggers weren’t going down easily.

Especially with Garrett Workinger against them coming down the court like a bat out of hell.

“The whole way down the court, after we got the rebound…that was my mindset, ‘get to the rim.  Get to the rim’ and when I was able to get the guy that was guarding me.  I just put it up and it went in,” said Workinger, who scored 29 points in the game.

He got the lay-in at the buzzer, tying the game at 51 and forcing overtime in the game.

The Scio gym was loud.  Playoff basketball loud as both teams made their runs in regulation.

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Workinger had 12 points in the third, Diego Rodriguez had a 6-0 run to keep the Lions on par with the Loggers to set up Aguilar’s ‘And-One’ leading into Workinger’s game-tying lay-in.

“It’s important because we’re small so we have to keep our pressure and intensity up,” said Rodriguez.  “Inside shots, people my height it’s tough.  I can get that, that’s what I’ve been working on because (Scio) they’re big, but we can handle them.”

Rodriguez used his five-eleven height to penetrate the Scio offense without DJ Krider.  Krider was out with illness.

The Loggers saw the return of Chayse Beachy, one of their two freshmen with Jace Aguilar, who have been contributing to a Scio team halfway to their win-total of last season, where they won six games, sitting at 3-3 after Tuesday’s game.

And as the game got heated into the second half and into overtime, both Aguilar and Beachy saw those all-important clutch minutes as overtime tipped off.

“We got two young guard who are a big part of our offense this year, they haven’t seen a lot of crunch-time minutes in High School.  It was good for them, it was good for everyone,” said Workinger.

Diego Rodriguez releasing a Free Throw as Jefferson defeats Scio in Overtime 57-53 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Beachy scored two points and Aguilar added three in a game where everyone fought for the rebound and scrapped for every loose ball.  Workinger mentioned how they could sharpen up their offense moving forward as shown in the overtime period where they struggled landing a shot until 15.6 seconds left in the four-minute overtime where Workinger scored to make it 55-53 Lions.

Jefferson too saw some nerves as the rivalry crowd in the stands got louder and louder with the adrenaline pumping.  The lone points scored in the opening three minutes of overtime came from Leon Romo early on until Danny Aguilar went 2-for-2 at the line with 42 seconds left that made it then 55-51 Jefferson.

“It’s nerve-racking,” said Rodriguez, who scored 23 points in the game.  “There’s a lot of emotions, a lot of pressure on everybody.  Miss shots are hard because you feel like you let the team down, but we wanted it more so we came through with the win.

“It’s exciting.  It gets us prepared; we’re coming into this year.  We’re ready for it.”

Romo finished with 19 points, Danny Aguilar finished with 10 points.  Tyler White of Scio had seven points.

The Lions are at the Jefferson Winter BXB Invitational Saturday where they’ll play Horizon Christian of Tualatin while the Loggers travel up the road to Stayton to play in the Regis Holidy Tournament.  They’ll open against Yoncalla Friday at 4:30pm.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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