Silverton Takes Road Win Over St. Helens

By Jeremy McDonald

ST. HELENS, Ore.– It was an ideal way to start your season if you are Silverton Boys Basketball.

Replacing six contributing seniors from last years third-place squad will be no easy task.  But here they were kicking off the season on the road at St. Helens with a 77-38 win with David Gonzales contributing 23 points for the Foxes.

Gonzales, who averaged 15.3 points at the Gill Coliseum last season as a Junior, has embraced the challenge to help lead this team this season.

“I think it’s huge for our team being a Senior, four years now on Varsity, to be able to fill the roles that our Seniors left for me it’s big shoes to fill,” said Gonzales. “But it’s great to want to step up and continue to get better every year.”

Gonzales, Lucas Roth and Grant Dunn each had three three-pointers each as Silverton connected on 12 three’s in the win Saturday night.

Silverton opened the season Saturday with the first of three-straight road games at St. Helens with road trips to Cleveland (Tuesday) and Milwaukie (Friday) for the second week of the seaosn (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

As much as the offensive power is there, but with new faces on the court doing it, the defense and the transition game helped the ebb-and-flow of Foxes game leading 22-6 after the first quarter and 41-20 at the halftime break.

And as ideal as it way for them to get on the court and see that success on the scoreboard, Silverton too saw how they can improve entering Tuesday’s game at Cleveland.  Fouls is on the forefront, but so is crisping up the passes offensively that left scoring opportunities on the table that saw the Lions taking the ball the other direction in their first game.

“We can work on help-side defense a little more so we can get more mid-lined so we won’t have to worry about reaching,” said Owen Cote.  “We know we have help there if we get beat.  We need to crispen up passes to the corners if we’re down low, give the corners a great pass.  It’s a matter of focus up and slow down the game.”

Cote finished with six points.  Dunn had 13 points to Roth’s 11 in the road win.

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