Sprague Host First Fanfest Event

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  For the first time ever, Sprague held their fanfest Monday night on home court, showing off their basketball squads for the upcoming season.

The Varsity girls, who start their season Wednesday at Reynolds, they were a few laughs as they went through the paces of a live game with crowd noise around them during their scrimmage.

“Preparing for it, I mean we’ve been out here for a couple months and through summer season.  Today was really good, espically with the crowd,” said Aspen Deconcini.  I think it really amp’d everybody up because we got that excitement from it and it just brought the game.  Aggression, intensity is all there because we had that support and that we support each other.  It was really good.”

The timing of it is good thinking about it.  Work out the nerves now so when their first game comes by in a matter of hours it feels like after the two weeks of hard practice, the nerves won’t be going nuts trying to run their plays.

The Sprague Girls Varsity team scrimmaging during Monday’s Fanfest (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

For Mason Lomax, coming off a sprained ankle the first week of practice, testing the ankle one last time was great.

“I should be ready for the first game.  I rolled it about a week ago, but I got two braces on it should be good now.  I’m healthy now,” said Lomax.  “We’re getting in shape; we should be ready for the first game.  This should be a good season.

The Olympian boy’s kick-off the season at Westview Friday night.

Most of all though, it’s all fun at the end of the day with the season on the horizon.  Even if it makes you hoarse like assistant coach Jack Martino did as his Olympian team defeated Head Coach Jordan Graneto’s squad 68-61, yelling at his squad during the final scrimmage of the night.

“One night is perfect,” said the former Head Coach in Martino.  “That’s all I needed to do.  But it was good to get back in it.  These are all a good group of guys.  Coach Graneto and I picked teams over the weekend and I told him I wanted Mason because I like to yell at him.  So he let me have Mason.

“But we got a couple of things to work on.  We filmed it, we’ll go watch it, we’ll be better.  It’s a lot of fun to be out here again.  I miss it…I miss it a little.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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