Lynk’s Return And A Saxon Powerhouse?

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  It’s been a longtime coming for Emorej Lynk.

Two days shy of the one-year anniversary of tearing a ligament in his knee, Lynk was back on the court going full-speed on the surgically repaired knee he tore in the 2A State Finals against Santiam last November.

“It felt good.  Still showing that I can dunk in a game and getting above the rim.  I feel like it’s going to be a good year,” said Lynk.  “Keep getting stronger.  Keep doing a lot of physical therapy.  I’m lifting, squatting, doing leg stuff.  Getting back into shape.”

Lynk will be supporting a South Salem jersey this season, joining the likes of Trey Galbraith, Peyton Kreitzer and Parker Johnson in the Pursuit of Blue in the 6A State Title this season.

Friday was the Saxons Red and White scrimmage where South Salem showed off their Girls and Boys Squad from JV2 to Varsity.  The Saxon boys showed they have the height, like with six-six Nick Zuro and six-four Cole Hardy, while showing off their athleticism with Hardy, Lynk and Galbraith.

Trey Galbraith pulls up with Cole Hardy (13) going around the key (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

This concoction has opened up opportunity for South Salem to explore entering the season compare to their fifth-place team last season.

“This team is a lot more athletic and a lot more size, so we might need to slow it down a little bit.  It might not be aggressive all game long but it should be a little bit more fun of a pace to see if we can get some dunks in, Fastbreak points, traps,” said Galbraith. “We might run a little bit of a zone this year.    We’ll definitely will have a different playbook than last year, a lot more inside-out game.

“Throw it in the post a little bit, give them the work…opening up our teammates a little bit more.  It’ll be a fun year.  It should be excited to see where it takes us.”

South Salem debuted their Varsity team at the annual Red and White Day (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

For the new faces like a Hardy, Lynk, Zuro who’s from Ohio and Kieran Pruett, they walk into a South Salem Boys program that expects to go to the Chiles Center on an annual basis.  But it just means that they’ll have to step up their game.

“It just starts from try-outs.  We’ve been going hard every day, working on every little thing.  Just making every little thing perfect,” said Hardy.  “100-percent effort.  Yeah we get a little bit chippy at times, but just being brothers at the end of the day, working hard making everyone better.”

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