Mid-Willamette Conference Volleyball Honors List

By Jeremy McDonald


Ryann Gregg from Corvallis was named Player of the Year in the Mid-Willamette Conference while West Albany Head Coach Kellie Backer was named Coach of the Year.  Here is the complete list broken down by each position:


First team:

Elijah Sanders West Albany

Zaley Bennett Corvallis

Second team

Raena Hurtado North Salem

Sydney Nash Central

Honorable Mention

Madison Heagney Crescent Valley

Anna Toma Dallas

Maddie Brohill Silverton

Sierra Noss Crescent Valley

Paige Traeger Silverton

Silverton Broyhill
Silverton Senior Setter Maddie Broyhill setting a ball during the Foxes game against Kennedy on October 21 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


First Team

Sydney Backer West Albany

Second Team

Adrianna Kazmaier Crescent Valley

Honorable Mention

Erin Scott South Albany

Kendal Simmons Corvallis

MacKenzie Durrant North Salem

Lily Horner Silverton

Ellie Osborn Dallas

North Salem’s Mackenzie Durrant flashes a smile during the Vikings game at Crescent Valley September 30 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Def. Specialist

First Team

Kierra Sanchez West Albany

Second Team

Hanna Jones Corvallis

Honorable Mention

Daniella DiCosmo Corvallis



First team

Hannah Stadstad West Albany

Second Team

Taylor Sibernagel Corvallis

Honorable Mention

Blake Barbee South Albany

Cheyenne Bowman Lebanon

Dallas’ Hailey Van Well, pictured here during Summer Volleyball at McKay, got first team Outside hitter honors as a senior the Dragons (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Outside Hitter

First Team

Hailey Van Well Dallas

Madie Dowell West Albany

Second Team

Bella Snyder North Salem

Riley Traeger Silverton

Honorable Mention

Taya Manibusan South Albany

Tais Vega Crescent Valley

Kennedy Kantola Central

Morgan Maynard South Albany

Isabella Jacobsen Lebanon

Eva Buford Crescent Valley

Grace Holstad Central

Kaitlyn Van Well Dallas

Silverton’s Riley Trager (13) got second team outside hitter for the Foxes as a Senior (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Middle Blocker

First Team

Nevaeh Bray Corvallis

Jadah Schmidtke South Albany

Second Team

Gracie Boeder West Albany

Elizabeth Hodgert Cresvent Valley

Honorable Mention

Bella Marsh West Albany

Mckenzie Crenshaw Lebanon

Chole Nealon Silverton

Taylor Williamson Dallas

Abby Sadowsky South Albany

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