MVC Boys Soccer League Honors List

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– West Salem’s Andres Labate and Summit’s Simon Kidder won Player of the year. The Titans Eddy Soboll won Coach of the Year.

Here is the Complete List:

Player of the Year

Andres Labate West Salem

Simon Kidder Summit
Coach of the Year
Eddy Soboll West Salem
First Team Goal Keeper
Stuart Heringer South Salem
Khael Engelman Summit
Second Team Goal Keeper
Uriel Bravo McKay
Honorable Mention Goal Keeper
Alejandro Villareal McNary
Zecharia Hinds West Salem
MVC First Team Players School Year
Andres Labate West Salem
Yahir Bernal West Salem
Kevin Aguilar Mendoza West Salem
Alexis Luna Ramirez South Salem
Fernando Hidalgo South Salem
David Panov South Salem
Simon Kidder Summit
Angel Nunez McKay
Kamdon Simmons Summit
Bryan Lopez McKay
Luis Lopez McNary

Issac Lounsbury Sprague

Luis Lopez (10) recieved first team All-League honors as the Celtics went 7-7-1 this season (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
MVC Second Team Players
Jesua Pena-Herrera West Salem
Braque Pike South Salem
Kaden Barker Summit
Jose Martinez McNary
Saul Hernandez Sprague
Matt Shirley Mountain View
Justin Waybright Bend
Filiberto Alarcon McKay
Omar Flores McKay
Kaden Young West Salem
Jack Fecteau Summit
Kyle Capdevila Summit
Ian Emry
McKay’s Filiberto Alacron (18) recieved second team All-League honors as himself and Kobe Banes (right) help lead McKay to a 7-5-1 record in 2019 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
Honorable Mention
Ricky Casillas Bend
Ethan Endter Bend
Luis Cuellar Mckay
Ismael Morales Mckay
Edgar Salazar McNary
Jack Baez McNary
Wouter Van Toorn Mountain View
Issac Anaya-Aguilera Mountain View
Julian Rivas Delgado South Salem
David Garcia Campos South Salem
Christian Reyna Sprague
Brian Hernandez Sprague
Jace Marshall Summit
Lucas Morais Summit
Lorenzo Trejo-de Dios West Salem
Andrew Zohner West Salem

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