Week 7 Predictions

By Jeremy McDonald


Last Week: 6-3

Season Total: 51-25

With Homecoming this week for a few schools like Dallas, West Salem and South Salem, those teams will be looking for wins while their opponents will be looking to spoil the Homecoming fun this week.

Here are my picks:


West Salem over Mt. View by 14

South Salem over Oregon City by 12

*Extra Pick* Sprague over Summit by 7 (Sprague gets first win of year)


Dallas over McKay by 21

North Salem over Central by 8

Big D
Dallas host McKay for their Homecoming game Friday night in Dallas (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Cascade over Newport by 13

Stayton over Sweet Home by 10


Amity over Rainier by 2 (In OT)

Dayton over Clatskaine by 1


Sheridan over Gervais by 20

Kennedy over Colton by 21


St. Paul over Waldport by 35

Mohawk over Slitez Valley by 23


Sherman/Condon over South Wasco County by 9


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