Yamhill-Carlton Holds Off Scio For 6-0 Start

By Jeremy McDonald


SCIO, Ore.–  It was crazy to think as Yamhill-Carlton lined up with roughly 90 seconds remaining in the game with a fourth-and-one in front of them and Scio looking to force overtime in the Tigers 28-20 win Friday night, that it came to this.

Entering the second half, fourth quarter even, it was 28-6 in favor of the undefeated road team with the feel of a rout about to occur following Jakob Jarvis’ one-yard punch-in with 3:15 left in the third quarter with their ninth-straight win waiting in the wings.

“We knew they were going to be a strong team, so we had to keep the pressure going.  It worked out in the end,” said quarterback Jaime Garcia as the Tigers started the game with the hurry up offense.  “We’ve been hitting the weight room to improve compare to last year and years prior, the winning streak is nice.”

But with the Loggers, one would be foolish to count them out…especially on Homecoming.   The Scio Loggers were the last team to defeat them last season, a 46-0 game.

And behind the power of Kade Mask and the track speed from Caleb Shockey, Scio slowly climbed back into it.

In the fourth quarter, Scio turned a 28-6 deficit down to a one-possession game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Shockey scampered from 21-yards out and with the ensuring two-point conversion, it was 28-14 early in the fourth quarter.  11:05 to play left and down 14 seems feisable.  It became more plausible when the Loggers forced a crucial stop defensively that resulted in Shockey punching it in from two-yards out with 2:10 left in the game.

Scio was down 28-20 at this point.

It’s frustrating to think, for the Loggers to wait until the second half to make some noise.  Salem Academy, Rainier, games that could’ve been so different came down to the latter 24 minutes instead of the whole 48 like the teams in front of them were playing.

“We need to play like that the whole game.  It seems like this new football group that we have this year, doesn’t have the confidence last year had,” said Shockey.  “That’s what we need.  We need confidence.  We don’t show up, we don’t get hyped.  We need to get hyped.”

Now the confidence has grown since their first game, but there’s still work to be done.  Figuring out their rights and wrongs points Shockey and watching, studying film to improve.

“We just need to figure it out on our own.  We’re going to have to come together as a team, have a talk and figure out what our goals actually are…what we’re going to do,” said Shockey, who rushed for 41 yards on nine carries.

Kade Mask had 89 yards on 26 carries.  Jacob Mask had 10 carries for 27 yards and a touchdown as the Loggers.

Yamhill-Carlton (white) lines up in a four receiver bunch after a touchdown in their 28-20 win Friday night (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The Tigers recovered the ensuring onside kick attempt, but were pushed back on first and second downs.  But a Trey Richmond reception on a 3rd and 13 set up the crucial 4th and one with the Loggers calling their last timeout before Garcia sealed the game on the next play with a quarterback sneak.

“I felt pretty confident, we had a great quarterback in Jaime…he’s a freak,” said Richmond, who had three catches for 58 yards and a touchdown.  “It was ball protection, hang onto the ball and we got the first down and we pulled off the victory.”

Garcia went 12-for-16 for 171 yards for a touchdown and 14 for 47 yards with two rushing touchdowns.  The Tigers have Corbett next Friday in a battle of undefeated teams in the 3A Special District 1-East conference.

“We try to not let our record (affect us), we try not to think about it.  We treat it like any other game and we just try to focus on the next one,” said Richmond.  “What happened in the past happened, we try to move on and try to keep the undefeated streak going.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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