Walker Varsity Defeats Judson Varsity 54-22

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  Faced with a 46-0 deficit with two minutes left until halftime is nothing that a team wants to be challenged with.

Some teams would just fold up tent and call it a day at this point in the game, but for other’s like Judson Middle School, they want to see what they can do as the Jaguars got the ball back after the Wildcats Tucker Booth’s scoop-and-score.

Walker’s defense pressured the Jaguars Alec Jurgens for much of the first half, turning an interception and three fumble recoveries into points on the other end of the field to help feed into the 46-0 lead.  But, that old school Wing-T Judson were running did show glimpses and it paid off in the closing minutes of the half.

Walker’s defense created problems for Judson’s offense Wednesday during the first half of their 54-22 win (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


“It was fun, this is my first-time playing quarterback for the year and we got to put a whole bunch of points on the board.  The defense came out and play and helped us out,” said Jurgens.  “I think we can execute a lot better.  We need to work on our blocking, tackling and stuff.”

Jurgens would break the shutout with 24 seconds left in the second quarter.  A recovered pooch kick saw Jurgens connect with Will Charles for 10 yards as Jurgens two-point conversion made that 46-0 monster of a lead into more of relaxing 46-14 deficit entering the halftime break.

The run-and-pound offense that the Jags were running challenged the defense of Walker.  As much as their lead remained in tack at 32-points at halftime, that could easily change during the second half of the ball game with the Wildcats looking to improve their tackling moving forward.

The Judson offense wheeled off three straight touchdowns themselves to cut the 46-0 hole to 46-22 late in the third quarter (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It wasn’t hard at first because our coaches told us that they were going to do this,” said the Wildcats Jordan Senados. “We did ok, we just need to work on wrapping up instead of through cutting and dragging down.  Just wrap up and tackling is one thing we need to work on.”

Senadoes had two touchdowns in the first half as the eighth-grader showed off his High School ability from the backfield.

Jurgens picked up his third touchdown of the game as his offense settled in, his second on the ground, with 3:19 left in the game.  Senadoes picked up his third strike of the game to push the ‘Cats lead to 54-22 with both defenses keeping the other side’s offense off the board for the reminder of the game.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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