Scio Gets Revenge On Amity For League Win

By Jeremy McDonald

SCIO, Ore.– Scio brought the heat Thursday night.

Coming off a five-set loss to Blanchet, the Loggers were looking for and executed the revenge plan over Amity from Scio’s loss to the Warriors in the Gaston tournament September 7 with their 20-25, 25-16, 25-20, 25-21 win at home.

And their home crowd just pumped that energy as the sour taste from their losses to Amity and the Cavailers helped unleash the Loggers anger to their first PacWest Conference win of the season. Communication is still a work in progress for Scio said Makayla Waller, but the win was still a step in the right direction.

“We came out here with everything we needed too, overall we did really well,” said Waller. “This will definitely be a good confidence booster, I feel like we still need to work on communication because we struggled with that. But I feel like it didn’t hurt us too bad in this game, which this game wasn’t a game we couldn’t lose. So it definitely helps a lot.”

The crowd noise of this magnitude was something new for the Warriors, who entered Thursday’s match, it was something they haven’t seen before on their 9-1 start to the season.


Brooke Lopez delivering a shot as Amity battles with Scio Thursday night (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

But nonetheless, the Amity scrappiness that they’ve built a reputation for over their first 10 going into 11 games showed itself once more from the first serve. Battling to the opening set victory in the hostile environment.

“It felt really good, the energy was high. We were cheering for every play, whenever they cheered loud we acted like they were cheering for us and use that to make our energy higher,” said the Warriors Maylin Williams. “It was really loud in here and we’re not use to that. We have to trust each other, even if we can’t hear each other. If we start getting down, we just have to trust and fight back,”

“It battled back-and-forth the whole time, it wasn’t over until the score hit 25. Everyone went back-and-forth with the score and they were just able to pull out the 25 before we did in the other three,” adds Amity’s Katelyn Rolston.

Scio flipped momentum 20 points into the second set it felt like when they turned a 10-all tie into a 25-16 second set win entering the third set.

Over the third and fourth sets though, Amity challenged and pushed the Loggers to the brink in each of the final two sets. Sydney Berkey with 11 kills in the game with five assisted blocks to one solo. Brooke Lopez and Lily Trejo recorded 19 and 15 assist respectively as the Warriors found ways to stay within reach of the Loggers.

As much as Amity was trying to feed off of the hostile crowd around them, Scio thrived on it as they were able to find that extra oomph to squeeze out the next two set wins.

Raelynn Martinelli had 30 assist, Makenna Ramsay had 17 digs and eight kills to lead the Logger charge to the win following the first set.

“We did pretty well, it was the first set we had four more chances. We just came back and we knew we wanted it, so we took advantage of it. We love our crowd, they’re probably the best crowd. Just keep working as a team and we’ll be good,” said Aspen Schudel, who had 18 kills and 17 digs.

“We shook off that first set, we buried it. We decided that this was our game and we wanted to take back our game,” adds Martinelli.

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