Cascade JV Defeats Sweet Home JV 2-0

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.–  Seven of Robert Leon’s 15 Cascade JV Girls soccer team have never played a minute of soccer before entering this season, but for the seasoned coach it’s no big deal as him and his squad entered the second half of their Tuesday afternoon game with Sweet Home tied at 0-0.

“Every girl plays, when they’re in there every girl has some form of playing time.  So, I look at whatever they can help me out,” said Leon.  “The main thing for me on JV is to get them ready for Varsity.  I’m looking at their high-ends and their lows and I put everything together.

“A lot of these girls never played soccer in their lives and they’re getting balls, turning left, turning right, opening wide exactly like I want.  Just the small things we need to work on, but my goal is to get them ready for that Varsity level.”

Leon knows a thing or two about the  Varsity-level, having helped former Cascade Head Coach Skip Collins out three years ago, helping them to a 11-1-3 overall record and a 7-0-3 Oregon West Conference record before going over to Stayton as an assistant in 2017 to help the Eagles to a 7-7-1 record before taking last year off from the High School game.

Entering the second half, the Cougars JV squad pressured the Huskies defense and eventually struck twice in the second half as Grace Hinkle and Krystal Kamstra each scored for Cascade’s JV team in their 2-0 win Tuesday at home.

“It’s like our first game (against Sisters), we came out here and none of the girls played…they came out here and we won 6-0 and I’m so stoked,” said Leon of his team.  “But today, we’re learning and we’ll go back to square-one and we’ll go out there, hustle and play a little harder.”

The Cougar JV team’s next game will be Thursday at Woodburn.  Kickoff is at 4pm.

Varsity Result- Sweet Home 1, Cascade 0


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