Putnam Hands Dallas First Loss Of Season

By Jeremy McDonald


DALLAS, Ore.–  Dallas’ Carson Overstreet has been on a rail this early season in trying to support his team this year.

With Caleb Kiner being apart of the Timbers 2 squad this year, there’s a sizable gap that needed to be filled as Overstreet scored seven of the Dragons eight goals in their first games of the season with Dallas entering their game with Putnam 2-0 on the year.

“Caleb is a great player obviously and that’s just a hole in our team.  We lost a lot of good Seniors on our team from last year Malaki (Connella) espically just on top, so we just have to play that and we worked on that the whole summer with how that’s going to look like when it’s just us up there,” said Overstreet.

Ethan Fech scored the other goal in Dallas’ 4-2 win over Crook County last Tuesday as both Fech and Overstreet look to take over for Kiner and Connella this season.

Carson Overstreet (orange) scored seven of Dallas’ first eight goals of the 2019 season (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Overstreet assisted on both Dragons goal, the first to Fech in the 56th minute and again off a corner kick to Ivan Vereschagin in the second half with Dallas trying out a new defense against the aggressive Kingsmen offense in front of them Tuesday night at home.

Putnam got three first half goals against the Dragon defense in the Kingsmen’s 8-2 win Monday, but as they move into next Monday’s game against Parkrose at Parkrose High School, facing the speed of Putnam will help them improve as they wrap up preseason play next week.

“Today we were playing more back than we needed too just because they’re a little bit faster, so we just needed to make sure that we’re covering the middle,” said Overstreet.  “Making sure that space is covered and making sure they don’t have the ball there.  When we are man-to-man defending someone, just don’t stab at the ball, break down and be in front of the ball.”

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