McKay Shuts Out North Salem 3-0

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.—Within the first eight minutes of Thursday’s match between McKay and North Salem, the Scots Filberto Alacron had put the team on his back as the sophomore recorded two quick goals to put McKay ahead 2-0 by the ten-minute mark of the game.

“It was pretty fast but those two goals, we went all out,” said Alacron of the goals. “Coach told us in the second half to go all out because this is our home. This is our home and people come to see us and it’s a big crowd. He told us to put effort into it because it’s our home.”

Following those two goals the Vikings kept the Scots from doing further damage for the remainder of the half with North Salem bringing the battle to their neighbors from down the road.

Diodone Kilongo, Nathan Martinez-Sanchez, Noah Jacobs and company kept the pressure on McKay’s backline and Uriel Bravo for the remainder of the half and entering the second half where they only allowed one Scots shot on goal in the final 40 minutes of the game.

For a young team like the Vikings, playing in their first real game action of the season, to see that fight coming out of them gives them promise entering Tuesday’s game versus Sprague.

North’s Emmanuel Arevalo (23) looks on as the Vikings kick off the season Thursday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“I’m very excited to see how these guys come out this season because I have young guys. But in soccer, if you take advantage of your opportunities which they did, they scored two on us quick. But my guys came back and we outshot them four-to-one in the second half and had them on their toes,” said North Salem Head Coach Salvador Maciel. “All it took was one goal and it could’ve switched the momentum our way.

“But again, McKay’s a really good school, good program. They’re young as well, we’re young too but this is a huge learning experience for these guy in making sure we take care of business.”

The Vikings roster features eight sophomores and one freshman to the McKay’s nine sophomores coming in from their 4-4-7 season in 2018. But both teams were biting of the bit for that first win of the season like it was the old Greater Valley Conference-league days.

While North Salem’s four shots didn’t fall through, the Scots one did following a set-up pass from Alacron entering the 18-yard box to Kobe Bane allowed the sophomore in Smith to connect on McKay’s third goal of the game.

And though it was a 2-0 ballgame leading up to the 63rd minute goal that made it 3-0, it felt more like a one-goal or tied ballgame with how demanding the game was physically. The Bane goal seemed to have gave the Scots a sigh of relief entering the home stretch of the game.

“It was key because that really closed out the game for us. If we haven’t scored that, it could have been anyone’s game,” said Bane as McKay closed out the 3-0 ballgame. “It’s really a confidence boost and will help us have a great season.”

The Scots are at Cleveland Tuesday.

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