VIDEO INTERVIEW: McKay’s Ty Kynaston

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  McKay kicks off the season at West Albany this Friday night as the Scots come off their jamboree at Cascade High School.  The Scots, with stand-out performances by Elliott Schaffner at the line, Zair Ku Beiza on the defensive line and Ty Knaston at quarterback to name a few good performances this past Friday as McKay took scrimmages from Woodburn and Willamette before tying with Cascade.

Check out what the reciever-turned-QB said of his performance and how McKay’s going to take on this week entering their season opener versus the Bulldogs:

This video doesn’t exist

At the end of practice Monday, while during conditioning, the Scots swarmed two of their teammates in support as they finished their conditioning Monday afternoon.

Here is the video of the ending of the conditioning as a reference point to what Ty and myself were talking about at the end of the interview.

This video doesn’t exist

Kick-off Friday is at 7pm.

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