Saxon Day Wraps Up Week 1 For South

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  You know it’s almost Game Day when the pads are popping at the end of the first week of the Fall Football season the first-, second-time you get to go with the full-pad jack entering the second week of Fall practice.

And for South Salem, as they hosted their annual ‘Saxon’-Day event Saturday with some intra-squad scrimmages, to be able to pop the pads builds that extra excitement entering jamboree week at Canby leading into Week 1 of the 2019 season following Labor Day.

“It felt great, I feel like we’ve been working hard and I think it feels good to finally get the pads popping and get a really good feel out here,” said Peyton Kreitzer. “I think it’s going to translate over to playing Canby, we’re going to get some good reps down in Canby.  Our team is ready to rock and roll though, we’ve been working really, really hard.  We can make an impact on the defensive and offensive side of the ball.”

Jamboree Week will be a great practice week in terms of preparing for what a typical ‘Game Week’ will be like on the other side of the jamboree and adjusting to the game speed points Kreitzer, who had an interception at linebacker in the Varsity Scrimmage.

South Salem wrapped up the first week of Fall Practice with their annual ‘Saxon Day’-event (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Conditioning is another thing they would need to work on points Saxon teammate Ryan Rickman as they’ll play Tualatin as well as the host-Cougars this upcoming week at the Jamboree.  The Timberwolves reached the Quarterfinals last season while Canby are coming off a tough 0-9 season.

“For next week’s practice, we really need to pick up the intensity and work hard because we got Tualatin and Canby who are both playing up there,” said Rickman.  “Tualatin is a well-organized team, that’s nice to have them at the jamboree to have that kind of competition this early in the season to get an outlook and this is just…looking forward to that, it’s just going to help us into the season for Week 1 especially.

“But this week, our conditioning is going to be our key thing and getting more intense practices and working together.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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