Tobiasson Pulls Double Duty

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.–  Ariel Tobiasson sent a blooper to the left corner of the scout kickoff return team in front of her as it lands on the ground Monday morning to start the Fall Sports Season at Cascade High School.

The incoming Cougar sophomore, who was coming off the heels of a 6am girls soccer practice and been up since 5:40 in the morning, only had one of her kick-offs go out of bounds during the Special Teams period as she split the reps during the opening session.

This first week will be tough for her with having doubles with both soccer and football, but Tobiasson is ready for the challenge that it has ahead for her this season.

“It’s going to be tough, but I love it.  I think it’ll be worth it with all the hard work we put in and I think it’ll be worth it as a result,” said Tobiasson.  “It’ll be hard but it’s manageable, I think I can do it.”

The five-foot-five kicker spent the rest of practice snapping the ball during the inside run drill and lining up at scout team cornerback at the end of practice against the new-look Cascade offense that enters the new season.

Cascade will introduce a new offense in 2019 that will utilize their athleticism coming off of their 4-5 season in 2018 and 4-1 in the Oregon West Conference (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)




With the Cougars losing some size on the line in Macoy Christman (2018) and Louie Sanchez (2017) in recent years while returning athlete’s like an Ethan Coffey and Ryan Diehl, the Cougars are channeling their inner-Scio by going with the Double Wing-T.

“We’ve been repping it out all summer, so it’s pretty easy for us now.  It’s getting perfect now and making sure that your not messing it up and keep going,” said Diehl, who will be lining up as a ‘wing’ this season in the offense.

Cascade ran the misdirection offense during their team camp against teams like Crater and McKay and have been working on fine-tuning it leading into their jamboree next weekend at home.

With the athletic ability returning not just in the backfield, but in who they can split out for routes in Elijah Nolan, David Kanoff and Zac Fulgham on offense.  Athletic linemen like a Weston Nelson and a Caleb Sell will help the madness that Head Coach Brandon Bennett is bringing to Turner this Fall.

“All of our lineman are athletic and it’ll showcase the athlete’s on the line,” said Coffey. “Our line is still strong, but we lost a lot of size and so for the ability for this new offense is that we don’t need to get as much of a push that we had to get in the past.  It’ll really help our chances for success.”

Now, as Diehl pointed out, it comes down to perfecting it.  Coffey adds that it’s about their mental approaches to it as they hone in with the terminology, foot-placement on pulls and handoffs, etc. over the next few days leading into their jamboree and Week 1 against Cottage Grove.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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