Holding Each Other Accountable

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  McKay Head Coach Brandis Piper wanted his team to run and finish up these 16 plays that he scripted out for his offense at the end of practice Monday afternoon.  It’s part of high-tempo offense he wants to bring to the Scots as McKay went through the final two plays on the script before conditioning.

“It’s pretty crucial, having the up-tempo offense that he wants.  If we want to run the no-huddle we’re conditioned for it,” said quarterback Ty Kynaston. “Just having that depth also, just letting every kid know that they’re worth something and having the depth that we need…if someone gets hurt, just having the next person hop right in.”

Piper and the coaching staff, KJ McCrae, Juan Cervantes, Ken Ramirez, Darnell Hall to name a few have preached accountability in the team and accountability in each other.  The coaches were preaching that during conditioning, Ramirez reminded the team in the post-practice team huddle.

The McKay players been holding themselves accountable with 7-on’s in Woodburn and in the Lineman Challenge, the  latter they won in dominate fashion by about 30 points as they kick off the 2019 season and prepare for the jamboree August 30 at Cascade High School.

Piper has been challenging  McKay since coming in during the Spring to hold each other accountable and think of the team as they opened Fall Practice Monday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It created a bond that as a group, that if we do as best as we can to the max…110-percent, it shows that we can compete and we became one giant, big group of lineman that said we put our manhood to the test,” said Elliott Schaffner. “It proved that we were the best group of lineman that day at the Lineman challenge and it proved to all the 7-on’s that don’t they can get to have fun, we get to have fun at the Lineman challenge.”

Schaffner was at the Lineman Challenge as was Andy Nyugen, the Perez twins of Gio and Janderi, and Zair Ku Beiza to name a few as they held each other accountable with the twins stealing the show and led the Scots to the first-place finish in July.

Ku Beiza, who’s been lining up at Running Back and Linebacker, was at the Lineman Challenge as well while taking part in the 7-on-7’s up at Woodburn High School and knows that these next two weeks are important in connecting the dots between the success’ that they had at 7-on learning the new system and bringing in that momentum from winning the Lineman Challenge if they hope to improve on their 1-8 record from last season.

“I don’t think there’s going to be a challenge at all,” starts Ku Beiza.  “We get along great with each other, lineman and 7-on-7 players.  We hold each other accountable and we’re all great together as one unit, so I don’t think we will struggle at all.”

McKay opens the 2019 regular season at West Albany September 6 before having their home opener September 13 versus Central.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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