Bodine Takes On North Marion Volleyball Duties

By Jeremy McDonald

AURORA, Ore.– The versatility of Trevor Bodine continues to grow.

Having coached soccer, baseball, been part of football programs and the obvious success he has as a basketball coach over the years, 18 to be exact, the challenge and that culture shock of coaching a new sport like Volleyball isn’t that bad as you would expect.

Entering the final Open Gym before the Moratorium Week, Bodine’s been laying the foundation for the year to come by building those crucial relationships with the athlete’s in the gym Wednesday evening. Some of the girls in the gym he’s familiar with from his basketball team over the Summer and this past Winter.

“Oh I’m loving it. It’s going to be a fun year, I’m excited,” said Bodine. “I told the girls I didn’t take this program over to watch it fail…,I took it over to get over the hump that they met last year.

“So my job, how I’m looking at it is to get them over the hump and get to the State tournament.”

The Huskies were co-champions with Estacada last season before falling to Sweet Home in straight sets. This year Bodine hopes to build the program, get the numbers up and move the program forward with him in charge and at the helm of the North Marion program.


For him, it is coaching. Outside of the occasional mishaps Bodine admits, the leadership, motivation aspects, how to talk to the kids and parents part of coaching is easy.

It’s a matter of adjusting to the X’s and O’s, the terminology and the assessment portion of the specific sport that will take that slight bit of extra time.

“It’s just the X’s and O’s part of it and the terminology part of it, some of the terminology part of it is different and the assessment part. Varsity is probably the easy, because if your athletic and you can jump, you can move and you can hit that’s kind of easy to see from the sideline,” said Bodine from his experiences.

He joked that with basketball it could take him a few minutes on the first day of try-outs of who will make the Varsity team, the punchline was that it may take him a little bit longer with Volleyball than he’s use to. But that’s why he’s turning to Tim Netter and former Huskie Lindy Wing to help him in the process.

Netter will be the Junior Varsity coach while Wing will be the JV2 coach.

“So the assessment part of who’s going to be on what team and where we’re going to play some and who’s going to be setter, outside hitter…those are the parts I’m learning from them and where to put the girls to be successful,” said Bodine, who will continue to coach the Girls Basketball team this Winter.

The Fall season kicks off August 19 with the first game of the year against Woodburn on September 3.


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