Withnell Falls In Extras To Beaverton

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  It was a different story for Withnell Wednesday following their big Tuesday win on the road against North Willamette Valley the day before.

Missing Michael Soper, Will DeLoretto and Cole Herschbach from Wednesday’s home game versus Beaverton, the Dodgers made do with the athletes they’ve had in their arsenal against the tough Portland-area team.

Sprague’s Andrew Rogers kept the ball in the zone through the five innings starting on the mound and letting his defense work behind him.

Yes they surrendered nine hits as a unit while Rogers was on the mound and 11 total in the eight innings they played, but the scoreboard looked like computer code with two one’s with the three zero’s with the game tied up entering the home stretch of the game.

“I feel like it challenges us to do better.  I mean we’ve only had three-, or four-hits but it gives us the challenge to come out the next game and get more hits and get better,” said Rogers, who struck out two in the 3-2 defeat at home Wednesday.

Noah Ferguson taking a hack at a pitch as Ferguson collected two of Withnell’s five hits Wednesday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“Every time we play Beaverton, they’re a well-coached team and we always get a good game with them,” said Dodger Head Coach Justin Hoffman.  “One thing I keep preaching to our guys is that our schedule is just loaded with teams like this.  We’re going to be playing guys all the time, so we can’t afford to have approaches like we did today or we’ll get the results like we did today.”


Withnell were able to produced five hits Wednesday, but two belonged to Noah Ferguson and Brock McMullen had the lone extra base hit with a triple in the bottom half of the second inning.  McMullen stole home on a double-steal attempt with Jake Davidson as Max Long drove in the lone RBI of the game in the fourth inning.

And with five games into the season and three wins to their name entering their doubleheader Sunday with Eugene, those plate approaches and picking up pitcher tendencies are going to be important with another playoff-caliber team in the Challengers ahead.

“I think our approaches can be cleaned up a bit.  Pitchers tendencies we’re not picking up until later on in the game and it needs to be an adjustment that we need to make earlier in the game,” said Hoffman.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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