PacWest Conference Softball Honors List

By Jeremy McDonald

Blanchet’s Savannah Barchus showed why she was one of the best pitchers in the league if not in the conversation in 3A as the Junior took home the PacWest Conference Pitcher of the year award.  Scio’s Olivia Zeiher, in her second-year catching for the Loggers after taking over from Emily Unrau, got Player of the Year while coaching legend Rob Umbenhower of Dayton won Coach of the Year in the Conference.

Here is the complete PacWest Conference honors list:

First Team

Pitcher:  Savannah Barchus, JR, Blanchet

Pitcher:  Kasidee Parazoo, SR, Scio

Catcher: Olivia Zeiher, SR, Scio

Catcher:  Sofia Cicerone, JR, Dayton

Infielder:  Kati Slater, FR, Yamhill-Carlton

Infielder:  Josie Sibert, SR, Yamhill-Carlton

Kati Slater, who pitched and played infield for the Tigers this year, got first team PacWest Conference Honors (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Infielder:  Lacey Smith, FR, Dayton

Infielder:  Ally Jones, SR, Blanchet

Infielder:  Meagan Mikolas, SO, Scio

Outfielder:  Camille Kern, SR, Yamhill-Carlton

Outfielder:  Emily Elliott, SR, Dayton

Outfielder:  Keeley Graham, SR, Amity

1st Base:  Catie Jacks, SR, Dayton

1st Base:  Hailey Ostby, SR, Blanchet

Utility:  Anna Mullans, JR, Dayton

Scio’s Olivia Zeiher receiving a pitch from Kasidee Parazoo as the Logger duo got first-team All-League honors their Senior season (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Second Team

Pitcher:  Kyli Nagode, SR, Yamhill-Carlton

Pitcher:  Maddie Fluke, SO, Dayton

Catcher: Lisie Luttrell, JR, Yamhill-Carlton

Catcher:  Alexis Jensen, FR, Blanchet

Infielder:  Jo Rivas, SR, Yamhill-Carlton

Infielder:  Jodie Desmet, SO, Dayton

Maddie Fluke got second-team PacWest Conference pitcher in her first full season in the circle for the Pirates (Picture by Jeremy McDonald)

Infielder:  Jori Hill, SO, Dayton

Infielder:  Sierra Archer, SR, Blanchet

Infielder:  Alexus Franklin, SO, Scio

Outfielder:  Maddy Bell, JR, Yamhill-Carlton

Outfielder:  Khari Ruiz, SR, Blanchet

Outfielder:  Ashylnne Ziebert, SO, Scio

Honorable Mention

Pitcher:  Ariel Davila, FR, Blanchet

Pitcher:  Gracee Wright, JR, Amity

Outfield:  Tate Ashley, SR, Dayton

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