Love Breaks School Record Twice In 300 Meter Hurdles

By Jeremy McDonald

GRESHAM, Ore.–  Wearing a McKay uniform from around 2012, the Scots Tyrus Love was inspired by a picture he saw of McKay-Graduate Manny Miranda wear a few short years ago to wear the uniform Saturday afternoon at Mt. Hood Community College.

“My ideal Manny Miranda…I saw a picture of him rocking this a long time ago and I was like, ‘I want to run in that jersey so bad’,” starts Love.  “So I finally asked Coach and we found it and put it together.”

He was racing in the 300 meter hurdles finals on this rainy Saturday afternoon in Gresham repping the old-school McKay jersey, something that reminds him of all of the Scots greats that came before him as the Junior set up his blocks prior to the starting gun.

To get to this point Love broke the McKay School Record in the preliminary round Friday with his 39.25 in what he looks as his ‘fun’ race with his more ‘serious’ race being the 110 meter hurdles.

“It was nerve-racking, honestly I was coming around the homestretch and I didn’t think at all.  I was just running a good time,” said Love. “When I finished and I found out I made finals and broke the school record, it was honestly honorable.  I feel blessed.”

His school record-breaking time slotted him third in the finals, and coming out of the blocks and entering the first turn Love was sitting second with Benson’s Jaylen Russell right in front of him in first.

Slowly however, as they entered the final 100, 150 meters of the race Tigard’s Hunter Gilbert crept up and passed Love for second place with Russell opening a little more of lead coming down the last few hurdles.

Love standing on the podium after the race as the junior finished third with a new school record of 39.21 seconds (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Love would finish third in the State in the hurdles.  Besides finishing third however, the Junior also broke his day-old school record with his now new school record of 39.21, just a fraction below his Friday time.

“It was nice you know because yeah I’m suppose to take it for fun but every time you win, the fun increase.  Placing high up there, makes it a little bit better,” said Love.

This time the record will last for a while.  At least until March when his senior season begins.  It gives Love just something more to look forward too as he improves into that final season with McKay.

“It really comes down to the small things.  I’ve placed third in the 300 and I kind of got tripped up in the 110 so if I work on the form, the starts and may pace I think I can take State Titles next year,” said Love.

Maybe it was magic from the uniform to helped aid the Scots hurdler, but one thing is for certain…he respects what the jersey stands for.

“No definitely,” said Love of the possible magic-effect.  “So many greats have came through McKay and it might have been a long time ago.  It’s something I’ve always looked up to towards and I think it set a tone for me to do better.”

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