MVC Softball Honors

By Jeremy McDonald

McNary sweeps the Mountain Valley Conference honors with Taylor Ebbs winning Player of the Year, Faith Danner being the Pitcher of the Year and Celtic Head Coach Kevin Wise being Coach of the Year.

Here is the complete honors list:

First Team
Lena Zahniser Bend 9 Pitcher
Faith Danner McNary 12 Pitcher
Aliyah Wilsey West Salem 10 Pitcher
Emma Mone Bend 12 Catcher
Reagan Davis West Salem 10 Catcher
Jessie Wiest Bend 12 Infield
Taylor Ebbs McNary 10 Infield
Delaney Keith South Salem 9 Infield

South Salem’s Delaney Keith taking a swing at a Dallas Kaelynn Simmons pitch in Medford on March 26 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Mia Reece South Salem 11 Infield
Jenny Ball West Salem 11 Infield
Sage Barnes West Salem 12 Infield
Madison Godfrey Bend 9 Outfield
Alexa Cepeda McNary 11 Outfield
Alivia Benavidez South Salem 10 Outfield
Sydney McCuistion Sprague 11 Outfield
Taylor Holmquist West Salem 12 Outfield
Makenna McCool South Salem 11 DH/Utility
Second Team
Anesia Ainam McKay 9 Pitcher
Sophia Honse Sprague 9 Pitcher
Emma Cordero South Salem 9 Catcher
Tiana Waller Summit 12 Catcher
Maya Elliff Bend 12 Infield
Ashleigh Parker Bend 12 Infield

Sprague’s Sophia Honse reached second team All-Conference honors as a freshman (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Abbi Covalt McNary 10 Infield
Hannah Ebner McNary 9 Infield
Kate Ronning McNary 10 Infield
Madison Newman Mountain View 12 Infield
Bella Fleener South Salem 9 Infield
Naomi Galanti South Salem 9 Infield
Megan Olson Sprague 12 Infield
McKenzie Bradley Bend 12 Outfield
Shaylee Custer McNary 10 Outfield
Kamryn Miller McNary 10 Outfield
Jalyssa Lindekugel West Salem 12 Outfield
Talia Perez West Salem 10 Outfield
Summer Domrude Sprague 9 DH/Utility

Honorable Mention
Jasmine Wammock Bend 12
Alley Isaac South Salem 10
Carley Schlag Sprague 9

Grace Dealy Summit 10
Hayley McCuistion Sprague 9
Maison Searle West Salem 10
Paige Wylie West Salem 10
Shelby Chapman West Salem 9

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