OWC Softball List

By Jeremy McDonald


Philomath sweeps the awards this year with Hannah Williams (Position Player of the Year), Kamden Combs (Pitcher of the Year, second-year in a row) and Warriors Head Coach Erik Remington getting Coach of the Year.

Oregon West Conference

Team                                Position                            Player                                Grade                             School

First Team Pitcher      Kamden Combs               10                             Philomath

Pitcher                       Savannah Hutchins         10                             Sweet Home

Catcher                         Kalea Blodgett                 10                             Newport

Infield                          Camryn Boyles                 11                             Cascade

Infield                       Hannah Williams             12                             Philomath

Infield                        Amie Russell                    12                             Philomath

Infield                      Sydney Maurer                11                             Stayton

Infield                     Sunhee Bitter                   12                             Sweet Home

Outfield                  Crystal Campbell             9                             Cascade

Outfield                   Kaili Saathoff                   10                             Philomath

Outfield                   Jade Beaumont               10                             Stayton

Outfield                  Marissa Kurtz                   12                             Sweet Home

Utility                       Alysha Sims                      11                             Stayton

Philomath’s Kamden Combs throws to first base in the Warriors game against 5A’s Dallas on March 14 (Picture by Jeremy McDonald)

Second Team

Pitcher                               Mackenzie Dysinger       10                             Cascade

Pitcher                               Hattie Imbler-Bremner  10                             Newport

Catcher                             Graci Zanona                   10                             Sweet Home

Infield                                Bailey Dysinger                12                             Cascade

Infield                                Erika Schones                  10                             Newport

Infield                                Megan Wagner               12                             Newport

Infield                                Ashtyn Walker                 11                             Sweet Home

Outfield                            Abby Jeppsen                  9                             Cascade

Outfield                            Carlee Murray                 9                             Newport

Outfield                            Riley Weaver                   12                             Philomath

Outfield                            Savannah Hutchins         10                             Sweet Home

Outfield                            Jasmine Navarro             12                             Woodburn

Utility                                 Alexis Bales                      10                             Cascade

Mackenzie Dysinger got second-team All-League honors as the Sophomore helped lead the defensive force for Cascade to their first playoff appearance since 2015 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Honorable Mention

Pitcher                               Kelsie Walker                   12                             Stayton

Pitcher                               Ashtyn Walker                 11                             Sweet Home

Catcher                             Madison Walliman         10                             Cascade

Catcher                             Reagan Larson                9                             Philomath

Catcher                             Sarah VanHyning            12                             Stayton

Infield                                Keely Malloy                    12                             Sisters

Infield                                Cedella Ritchie                 10                             Stayton

Infield                                Alexis Jacabucci               12                             Woodburn

Outfield                            Kaleigh Martinez             12                             Newport

Outfield                            Sydney Mauer                 12                             Sweet Home




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