Otto, Shockey Place For Loggers

By Jeremy McDonald

GRESHAM, Ore.–  Laurel Otto didn’t think she’ll make it to the 100 meter hurdles Finals this season with how stack the field was with Blanchet Cahtolic’s Trinity Phipps and Westside Christian’s Grace Gully leading the charge, but the Scio sophomore found a way to get to the Big Show Saturday afternoon.

“I didn’t even think I’ll make it to finals, I didn’t even think I’ll make it to State in Hurdles and it happened,” said Otto of this opportunity.  “Once I knew I made it to State, I wanted to work really hard because I wanted to PR and to better myself.  I knew I couldn’t get first, but I could better myself.

“So I tried my hardest and see how I do and gave it all I got.”

Check off not just placing for Otto, but that PR-goal as well as she clocked a 17.36 in the 100 meter race to finish sixth at the 3A race.  With her trying new events this season, she hopes to focus more on the events she saw more success in while working on the little things in those events.

“There’s something I could definitely do better.  There’s things I do I need not do and things I need to do so I can work harder,” said Otto, who placed eighth in the High Jump. “Focus more on one event cause I’ve tried new events, High Jump so I need to focus more on these specific events I’m better at and excel more.”

Caleb Shockey (In white ‘SL’ shirt) placed third after coming into State as a Wild Card (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

As a freshman Scio’s Caleb Shockey qualified and placed seventh in the 200 meter dash for the Loggers last season.

Fast forward to 2019 and Shockey found himself back in the State Meet, but in the other sprint event he runs in with the 100 meter dash.

Throughout the season, Shockey had slowly reduced his 100 time from 12.43 to the mid-11’s entering the State Meet at Mt. Hood Community College Saturday afternoon.

“I just kept it going…I don’t know I just tried my hardest,” said Shockey.  “I wasn’t worried about anything, I was staying relaxed and focusing on my breathing.  I’m just stocked right now.”

Here’s the twist to the story however, he came into the Meet as a Wild Card ranked 19th in the State of Oregon in the 100-meter dash.  In the preliminary race Friday, he picked up the fourth seed that he converted down to a third-place finish Saturday.

“It’s crazy and beating the second-seed, I’m pretty stoked,” said Shockey. “Not making it in the 2 is ‘eh’.  Now that I made it in the 1 and took third, it’s crazy.  I don’t know, I’m stoked.

Shockey plans on doing more as a Junior to better himself entering Track with Club Track, Cross Country and Swimming in preparation for next Track season in the Orange and Black of the Scio colors.\

Luke Jones (second) and Ray Bennet (eighth) placed in the 800 meters.  Garrett Workinger was seventh in the High Jump.  Riana Martin was eighth in the Long Jump.  Riley Zimmerman was ninth in the Javelin.


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