Tinney Breaks School Record

By Jeremy McDonald


INDEPENDENCE, Ore.– It is weird to think that roughly several meets into the 2019 season, Trevor Tinney was just starting to compete in Pole Vault.

It was actually one of those moments screwing around at practice one day that Tinney was hitting nine-feet in the Vault that he could do some serious damage along with 100 meter and 4×100 meter events.

“Then I started jumping like ‘whatever I’ll do this’, I went over nine-foot and ‘ah I might try this’.  With practice, I started to get better and I realize that it’s something for me and it just kind of stuck with me,” said Tinney.  “I think the biggest part of my success is wanting to break the school record.  I knew 12’8 and I was like ‘I can do this this year’.

“So I think that’s what pushed me the most is striving to get that record.”

Tinney mentioned about leaving legacy and how his class is helping change the culture at Santiam. And when he qualified for State with an 11-foot-7-inch jump last weekend at 2A Districts, the 12-foot-8-inch school record was far from thought when he walked in.

It was more a ‘let’s have fun’ as he PR’d and reached record territory following his 12-foot-3-inch jump as he faced the 12-foot-9-inch height in front of him.

He, being Tinney, wanted to leave a legacy behind as the early tries at 12-foot-9 didn’t go through as planned for the Senior as it came down to one last jump for him to rewrite history.

“Our school struggled a lot, our group of athletes came and I think we all have the same mentality but that’s me personally, I want to leave a legacy for this school and I want nothing but the best,” said Tinney.  “Our school should expect that too because we’re setting a different tone for Santiam now since the past few years, we’ve really up’d the tone with this class as we got in there now.”

The pressure was there.  The record was 12-feet-8-inches set in 1992 by Arin Atiyeh was there to be broken and Tinney succeeded in breaking the school record.

“It was one of those things of well, all the pressure is there.  You don’t have anything to beat, it’s already a PR so I was pretty calm I think.  That really helped me,” said Tinney.  “I’ve done this in practice before, I can do this again.”

Tinney’s 100 meter time of 11.89 in the prelims qualified him for the Finals in the event Saturday.

Trevor Whitmire’s 154-foot javelin PR placed him fifth in the 2A State Meet.

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