Molalla Surprises North Marion In 11-2 Game

By Jeremy McDonald

AURORA, Ore.—  North Marion’s defense stepped it up after their tough second inning against Molalla Monday afternoon at home.

Every team has their on days and every team has their off game and this was the Indians game in which they were on after dropping two tough games to the Huskies leading into the series finale, taking the finale 11-2 over the host North Marion.

“I think a change in scenery through pitching really helped us change that up and we needed someone like Samantha (Baylie) to make a good play for us and we got that.  Then we needed a three-up, three-down and we kept fighting until the game was over,” said Lilly Piercey on their defense.

Starting pitcher Anna Fuentes was pitching a good game in the first five outs of the game, but the tight strike zone presented a problem that led to eight-runs in the second inning before Jasmine Calkins came in for relief and Fuentes moved to third base.

Baylie, who moved from Center Field to second base into the third made a crawling tag at second for a crucial out in the third inning to help turn the tide of confidence for the Huskie defense for the reminder of the game.  Over the final five innings of the contest, North Marion only surrendered a third inning run and gave their offense opportunities to possibly make a comeback in the game over that span.

Samantha Baylie (with ball) throwing the ball in from the shallow-part of the outfield (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

For Baylie she felt like the energy wasn’t the same as it should be considering that the Huskies have had Molalla’s number entering the game.

“I feel like we weren’t motivated to be honest as we should be.  We beat them two other times, one of the times we mercy’d them.  I feel like we didn’t have enough energy,” said Baylie.

And with four games left in the season, one against 12th-ranked Madras on Wednesday and ninth-ranked Gladstone who they’ve already split with this season, they’re going to have energy if they hope to be one of the Top-20 teams that make it past  May 9.

“Come out with more of a mission basically is all I have to say, we did have energy.  It’s like we came out like we’re just going to win easy, but obviously they’ve had other plans for us,” said Baylie.

“I think our attitudes really, coming in knowing that we can do it and one game at a time against Madras and Gladstone as long as we’re all in it and ready to go for the game,” adds Piercey.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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