Hanson Races First-Ever 100, 4×1 Edges Kennedy Girls

By Jeremy McDonald


GERVAIS, Ore.–  It’s all in the plan.

As she lined up, ran and finished first in her 100 meter dash heat, a first for the Gervais Sophomore, the Cougars Katie Hanson knows that it’ll help her in the 200 meter and 400 meter dashes down the road.

“Doing the 100 is going to help me with speed.  Getting my starts quicker and using my speed better in the 4-, and the 2-.  Just how I get started and being able to push it at the end,” said Hanson, who went to State in the 200 and 400 meter races last season.  Finishing sixth in the latter as a freshman.

There were some nerves with the event, having never ran it before prior as she got a jump in for the Long Jump.  But Hanson stepped up to the challenge at hand.

“I think I did pretty well for the first time running it for the first-time,” said Hanson.  “We’ll see what the time is, I have no idea anywhere close to my time is or should be.  I feel like I did alright.”

She ran a 12.70 to go with her 14-feet-10-inch jump in the Long Jump and 31-feet-even in Triple Jump. Teammate Mary Davidson ran a 13.90 following her tough leg in the 4×100 relay leg.

In the opening race of the Track Meet with Chemawa, Regis, Kennedy and Sheridan, it came down to the Anchor Legs of the Cougars and Trojans 4×1 teams who were neck-and-neck coming down the final 50 meters of the race.

It’s the second-year together for the Gervais 4×100 team this season and are coming off an 10th-place finish at the 3A State Race in 2018 with a 55.14, barely two seconds off from placing in the Big Race.  To have the band back together is great as they work through the fine details to build upon from last season.

“It’s been kind of bumpy so far,” laughed Davidson.  “I mean we haven’t got our timing down yet right.  At Molalla, the whole lineup was switched and Ashley (Marin-Vallejo) and Katie fell so it’s been bumpy…our times weren’t actually bad, so it’s been fun and entertaining so far.”

Thursday’s race was good enough that the Gervais Four found themselves in striking distance of the win.  Davidson knew she had someone at her hip pocket, so she couldn’t slow down.

And she didn’t, hanging on for the win in a time of 55.50 seconds, winning by a margin of 0.10 of a second.

“I was just thinking about, “ok, good form, good form.  Keep running’,” said Davidson.  “I knew she was right behind me because I could hear her running.  But once I got there, I saw her right besides me like ‘oh geez’.  But it was fun.”

Davidson took the 200 meter run in 30.70 seconds.  Brian Limage won the 800 meters in 2:29.50 seconds.



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