Eggers Overcomes Fatigue, Retooling For 2019

By Jeremy McDonald

GERVAIS, Ore.– Fatigue was an issue for Sheridan’s Kaden Eggers Thursday afternoon at Gervais High School where he was competing in the Triple Jump in the 2A Special District Meet.

Fatigue not from over-training, but from playing in the Spartans doubleheader against Culver Wednesday afternoon in Culver.

But nonetheless, the Junior battled through the fatigue and the weather elements to hit a season-high 38-feet-11-inches in the Triple Jump.

“It’s kind of a perseverance thing really. If I keep pushing my body and keep pushing my body I know I’m going to keep getting better,” said Eggers on battling through the fatigue.

His trainer has been pushing him to be better, to do better. He PR’d in the 1,500 last year at 4:28.4, something that Eggers said if he didn’t misjudge the bell entering the final lap it could’ve been in the 4:10-range. He has yet to race in the four-lap race this season.

Eggers 11th-place finish at State last year where he jumped 37-feet-7-inches was a tough way to end his sophomore year at Hayward Field at the University of Oregon this past Spring.

But Eggers admits too, it helped him entering this year being in that environment as well as helping him change his mental mindset this season in the sports he’s participating in.

“It was eye-opening. Competing in that stadium and seeing everyone in the crowd, it was cool. It opened my eyes to give me hope that maybe I wasn’t as bad as I thought I was,” Eggers said of the experience of last season. “Sports this year has helped me changed my mindset this year. If I’m going in not thinking that I’m not ready, I’m not going to do good, I’m not going to be good.

“But if I’m thinking, ‘hey I got this. I’m not giving up, I’m going to keep pushing’. It’s definitely helped. I just got to keep working hard. Everyday push myself further and further.”

Taylor Huffman won the javelin with a 146-feet-2-inches

Sheridan finished the meet with 22 team points on the guys side while picking up 19 points on the girls side of the competition. The Spartans will Co-Host with Delphian on April 18 at Sheridan High School, hosting Gaston, Jefferson, Kennedy and Santiam.

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