Sprague Drops Tough Home Opener To Lincoln

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  There was a feeling when scrawny Cole Herschbacher hit a RBI Triple to put Sprague up 3-2 in the bottom of the second inning that it was going to go back-and-forth.

The triple, which saw the Senior celebrate to the point of near-aneurysm was part of a big crooked-three run inning to respond Lincoln’s two-run top of the first inning sock in the mouth Friday afternoon.

“It was great because I was trying to piece up the ball.  I was going for a single but it ended up being a triple up to the fence which is neat and we got the lead, even better,” said Herschbacher.

It’s just the second game of the year, but there seemed to be some strategy used by Head Coach Luke Buchheit to give their pitchers quality reps and innings while building some arm strength and endurance here in the early part of the season.

Jackson Hildebrand (2) pitching for Sprague Friday as the Olys brought out a fresh arm every two innings or so (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

There was some inconsistencies of course being just the second game of a 23-game regular season and hopefully more when the postseason comes.  Cutting down on free bases, the hits and the two errors they committed as the Cardinals turned the one-run deficit into a 6-3 lead in their 7-4 win in six innings due to darkness on this Mid-March day.

The offense left opportunities on the table as well throughout the game as Michael Soper’s solo dinger got it to 7-4 in the fifth inning was followed by Sprague loading up the bases with one out, only to see Lincoln escaped with a strikeout and a groundball to keep their three-run lead in tack entering the sixth inning.

Their offense is already on their mind moving forward for Tualatin Tuesday, Scappoose Wednesday and Grant Friday before the Tigard Tournament during Spring Break.

“We just need to be more aggressive at the plate,” said Soper on the offense. “I think we took too many pitches and we got to capitalized on the good ones that we are given and hit them hard.”

“We could hit better obviously, we need to score a lot of runs,” adds Brock McMullen.  “We threw a lot of guys because guys could throw strikes.  It’s ok cause it’s early in the season.  Other than that, we’re a solid team, we just need to keep the pace up.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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