Dragons Cross Commits to Cedarville

By Jeremy McDonald


DALLAS, Ore.– Dallas’ Cross-Country Runner Trevor Cross described in a letter that he penned that he is glad to have been part of building a strong running program for the Dragons the past four years.

Over the past four years, the runner who has logged about 50 or 60 miles a week now as a Senior, he saw the program go through it’s ups-and-downs as he assumed more of a leader over the Twilight of his career as Dallas qualified as a team for the State Cross Country Race for the first-time in 30 years in 2017.  This past year, that standard was raised further as the Dragons finished fifth in the State Cross Country Race as sophomore Toby Ruston returns for his Junior year next year.

For Cross, he was indeed proud with the program he’s leaving as he continues his running career at Division-II Cedarville University for Cross Country in the fall.

“It’s a big deal for me especially in Cross Country, all the guys coming up the next few years.  Just to be able to train with them and show them the commitment and the love of the sport and what it all requires,” said Cross.  “We got high standards with our team.  It starts with work ethic and commitment…it means a lot.”

Trevor Cross looking towards his father Jim at the start of Wednesday’s Signing Day (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Call him the next Pythagoras with his love of numbers and mathematics, his Major, to go with his interest of learning more of the Bible to go with his faith with his decision with his minor Cross hopes to use this Spring season with his main focus on the 1,500- and 3,000-meter races to improve entering his Freshman year at the Ohio college in the Fall.

And just the opportunity to be racing at the next level from Dallas also sets a bigger standard for those behind him that they can do it as well.

“It’ll be good to have a really good foundation in speed going into the Cross-Country season.  I’m working on working up mileage, the number of miles I run per week and concentrating year-round,” said Cross on this upcoming Spring.

“This is an amazing opportunity,” adds Cross on the opportunity.  “I’m just really happy to be here, I’m really excited to be going to Cedarville, it is a good school.  Representing Dallas, moving on.  It’s good to set an example for athletes to come that you can succeed and compete at the college level.”


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