Sprague Loses Tough OT Battle With Roseburg

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  On their back-end game of a back-to-back entering Spring Break, the Sprague Boys Lacrosse team were finally able to open up the homestand schedule when Roseburg made the two-hour trek up the I-5 for the match-up.

And it seemed as if the slow start was in the past with their season opening loss to Oregon City as the Olympians jumped out to a 5-1 lead halfway through the first quarter and didn’t let the game get away from them after the Indians rallied back into the game.  Keeping the game to within one or two goals for much of the game Tuesday night.

“I think we played great, it’s all about teamwork and I think once we all collaborated together.  That’s when we really put in the work,” said Ian Bell.

The North Valley League went to a one-loop system once again this season, allowing it’s league members to play more of a tough league schedule during the non-league schedule.  For Roseburg, their strength and pjysicality presented a problem for the attacking front.

But for guys like Bell (four goals), Ach Gwyn (Three goals) and Elias Polanski (two goals) who all had multiple goals in the game with six Olys in total, it was indeed hard to find the back of the goalie net even though Gavin Kelly (12 saves) and their defense did their best keeping Roseburg off the board.

“It was good to see that they were clearing out and passing up to the offense and overall working well together,” said Bell on his defense.\

Sprague meeting as a team in between quarters Tuesday as  they traded blows withe Roseburg (Picture by Jeremy McDonald)

With how the game was going, it was no surprised it went to overtime at 12-apiece after both teams offense’s picked up the shots at the cylinder in the final frame of the game.

Gwyn, Sprague’s Blanchet Catholic stellar face-off guy, won the overtime opening face-off and immediately called timeout as he was being doubled-team and sticks hitting him left and right trying to jar the ball loose before the timeout was granted seven seconds into the overtime period.

The ball possession was short-lived was the Indians did create a loose ball, converting on the sudden death goal a minute later to win the match 13-12 in Olympic Stadium.

For Sprague (0-2), they enter the Spring Break with a bitter taste in their mouths with their next game not until April 2 at Marist in a week where they’ll also travel to play Bend (April 5) and Summit (April 6) before returning home on April 9 to host Corvallis.

And as they meet as a team after the game, Head Coach Efrain Guzman reminded his team that if they’re in town during the Spring Break, he wants them at practice to better themselves for the games ahead.

“We just take this disappointment and we just hit hard.  We hit the practice hard and we just put in the work, everything will fall into place,”


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