Woodburn Loses Close Battle With Banks In Semis

By Jeremy McDonald


FOREST GROVE, Ore.– To think about, though the final was 58-50 in favor of Banks, the game didn’t feel too far off for Woodburn.

Geez the Bulldogs, battling for a chance to play for the 4A State Title Saturday afternoon, turned a eight-point deficit into a scary one-point game after RJ Veliz’ jumper with 2:39 left in the game.

They believed in each other. The trust was there. There was no doubt that until the last whistle blew that Woodburn were going to fight, claw and do whatever they need to find a way to win as Jacob Slifka pushed Banks’ lead to three on the Braves next offensive possession.

“We were just taking everything play-by-play, everyone knew their role. We were so focused not giving up and believing in each other down to the last minute of the game,” said Trevor Karsseboom.

The bench was into it led by Diego Torres, they each kept each other up and going no matter what the scoreboard said.

“I’m super proud, our boys have put in a lot of work. They had no fear, they were going out and we’re going to lay it out on the line and they just gave it all they had. It was pretty cool to see,” said Woodburn Head Coach Raul Veliz “At that point it’s no X’s and O’s, it just came down to heart and our boys just kept battling, that was the coolest thing to see

“And now we have to turn around and get the spirit back up and be ready for the next one.”

They’ve had their chances in the final minutes of the game to do further damage as their defense gave them chances, but couldn’t capitalize on their opportunities to possibly stun the number one team in the State.

And as they trickled out of the locker room and the hallway into the entrance way at the High School, they were greeted by cheers and high-fives by friends and family.

But they have one more game, against a team that has beaten them twice:


The Eagles lost to Seaside, who’s physicality and sharpshooting has possibly gave Woodburn the blueprint entering Saturday’s third/fifth-place game at 1:30pm.

RJ Veliz had 22 points, eight rebounds in the game. Karsseboom added 14 points and five rebounds and four assist.

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