McKay Track Looking To Strong Girls Team In 2K19

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  The 2019 McKay Track and Field team will be something that Head Coach Curt Everetts has never seen or had in his five-years at the helm of the Scots team:

Having only a handful of seniors on their team..

Eight to be exact that features athlete’s like Hanna Caldwell (Distance), Shay Coons (Javelin), Jeter Escobar (sprints) and Joaquin Atalig (throws) to help lead the young McKay squad into the new season ahead on the team that has 120 kids on its roster.

“It’s definitely something that I haven’t dealt with in my five years.  It’s a new experience, there’s a lot of good athletes that are freshman and sophomores,” said Everetts. “We’ll be strong this year in the girl’s side than on the boys side, but we’re still getting new people in.  I’m optimistic.”

The girl’s program was something that the former McKay-grad thrived about, some in which came over from Cross Country like Jasmin Zargosa (Distance) as well as Idaly Barajas-Vargas and Stephanie Urenda (Long Jump) that will help the Scots Girls Track and Field turn some heads this season.

“It’s something that the track team hasn’t had,” said Everetts of the girl’s team.  “We’ve been on the bottom in the standings for my time out here, so it’s going to be nice to have some heads turn on the girls.  Other programs here at McKay, the girl’s teams are getting better and it’s going to hold true for the track team as well.”

McKay will host the Royal Scot Icebreaker on March 20 that will feature Alesa, Eddyville, Barlow and Junction City before hosting Sprague on April 3.  The first invitational that the Scots will attend will be on April 6 in Beaverton for the Aloha Preview.

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