South’s James, West’s Bertsch Co-POY. Saxon’s Lewis COY

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.— South Salem’s Hilary James and West Salem’s Maddie Bertsch each were named Co-Players of the Year with the Saxons Adrian Lewis being named Coach of the Year after a 13-1 Mountain Valley Conference record and the MVC Conference title.

“Honestly I’m happier that Hilary got POY, She is heck of a player and deserved it and as a sophomore getting that honor is incredible,” said Lewis. “Our communication this year has been awesome. We are working together and bringing the best out of each other.”

Paige Alexander from West Salem also got Defensive Player of the Year.

Here is the complete list:

Kaycee Brown-Bend

Leva Mike-McKay

Abbi Hawley- McNary

Bailey Dickerson-Mt. View

Hilary James- South Salem

Maddie Bertsch- West Salem

Leva Mike (11) bouncing out with the ball against South Salem on January 26 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Second Team

Caitlin Wheeler-Bend

Sydney Gardner-Bend

Leah Doutt-McNary

Mia Morey-Mt. View

Gretchen Olsen-South Salem

Victoria Stafford-South Salem

Paige Alexander- West Salem

Olivia Rudolph-West Salem

McNary’s Leah Doutt (24) rolling up waiting for her offense to set-up against West Salem on January 11 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Honorable Mention

Trinity Barudoni- Bend

Peyton Gardner- Bend

Anita Lao-McKay

Dianca Cruz-McKay

Danica Cheremnov- McKay

Sabella Alfaro-McNary

Kennedy Buss-McNary

Kailynn Bowles-Mt. View

Ellyson Haytas-South Salem

Mimi Bolden- South Salem

Delaney Keith- South Salem

Zoe Fry- South Salem

Sophia Oum- Sprague

Baylee Butler-Sprague

Abby Haas- Sprague

Olivia Treu- Summit

Hope Nelbauer- Summit

Spencer Hurley-Summit

Kyra Scoggin- West Salem

Antonia Gonzales- West Salem

Maddy Alistock-West Salem

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