Complete MVC Boys Basketball Honors List

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– Here is the Mountain Valley Conference honors list for 2019 that was given to me by a coach.

Jaden Nielsen-Skinner won Player of the Year and Eric Lungu won Defensive Player of the Year. South Salem’s Tyler Allen won Coach of the Year as the Saxons advance to the second round Friday as they host West Linn.

McNary travels to South Eugene Thursday to get their first round playoff game at 6:30pm.


Jaden Nielsen-Skinner-South Salem

Justin Scoggin- West Salem

Chase McClain- Mt. View

Boston Smith- McNary

Mason Lomax-Sprague

Trey Galbraith- South Salem

Sprague’s Kobe Withers dribbling the ball against Summit on February 14 (Picture by Jeremy McDonald)


Brian Warinner-Bend

Nate Meithof- McNary

Jacob Tompkins-Summit

Kobe Withers- Sprague

Treyden Harris-South

Grant Jordan-Mt. View

Bryan Brown-Bend

Ethan Flanigan-Sprague

Ryan Brown-South

Holden Whipple-West Salem

Holden Whipple looking on as he walked up to the free throw line in Tuesday’s first-round playoff loss to Westview (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Griffin Oliveria- McNary

Eric Lungu-South Salem

Tony Adamo-Mt. View

Julian Mora- Summit

Kieran Pruett- West Salem

Jimmy Robertson- Bend

Justin Kerr-Bend

Jarel Rain-McKay

Noah Hudkins_McNary

Austin Fields-Mt.View

Greyson Salias-Sprague

Julian Mora=Summit

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