Verastegui Gets POY, Bodine COY In TVC

By Jeremy McDonald

AURORA, Ore.–  The North Marion girls nearly swept the first-team honors as four Huskies were named to the First-Team All-League Team.  Of the four, North Marion also got the Player of The Year in senior guard Mar Verastegui.

“Honestly, it’s something that I never thought I would get and it feels good to get it.  Knowing that your hard work has paid off feels good,” said Versategui of the honor Monday at practice.

Hunger, that’s what Head Coach Trevor Bodine has instill in his team since taking over three-years ago and seeing Verategui, Katie Ensign, Raymee Boese and Mya Hammack take first team honors was awesome.

“They have worked extremely hard and are still hungry. We talk all the time about grinding towards what is important and they have done that. To see where Mar has come from last year when she wasn’t the main option in our offense to where she is now as our leading point scorer and leader on the floor, is a testament to her dedication,” said Bodine. “Katie and Raymee have developed in leaps and bounds from where they were last year and are both being looked at by colleges to play at the next level. The reality is that they aren’t even playing their best ball yet.

“Mya has developed steadily and is what makes us go. She has a high ceiling as well and would be an All-State player (and still has a very legitimate shot to be this year) even though basketball is not her primary sport, which is also a little scary to think about. It’s funny that my two guards are soccer players that also happen to be really good at basketball. Paige (Martin) and Kenzie (Ulven) are two others that have made great progress in their games.”

Hammack and Versategui were members of the Huskie Soccer team this past season.  As for Bodine though, he received Coach of the Year honors for the league, something he credits as a team effort as his team host Henley Saturday night at 5pm.

“The (Coach of the year) thing is great but it’s really just a snapshot of a team effort from myself and staff and what we are trying to accomplish. State Championships and high-level programs aren’t made in one year,” said Bodine.  “They are a culmination of multiple years of dedication, development and desire to build that sustainable, high level program.”

Mya Hammack looking for a rebound against Hidden Valley in Grants Pass on December 15 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Here is the full list of Tri-Valley Conference honors:



Jayden Davis-Madras

Mar Verastegui-North Marion *POY

Mya Hammack-North Marion

Katie Ensign-North Marion

Raymee Boese-North Marion



Dessie Alvarado-Gladstone

Jiana Smith-Francis-Madras

Mattie Myers-Molalla

Maddy Lisac-Molalla

Kaityn Curry-Molalla

Katie Ensign going after a loose ball against Eastside College Prep in Palo Alto, California on December 27 as the Junior earned first-team honors in league (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Olivia Fritz-Corbett

Taryn Pinner-Gladstone

Isabelle VanHee-Corbett

Vanessa Culps-Madras

Izzy Hagel-Estacada

Jackie Zamora-Madras

Rylie Canifax-Estacada

Monika Stacoma-Madras

Chloe Porter-Estacada

Zoe Wood-Molalla

Jade Rowley-Gladstone

Paige Martin-North Marion

Aaliyah Asad-Gladstone

Makenzie Ulven-North Marion

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