North Marion’s Morcom Signs LOI To Multnomah University

By Jeremy McDonald

AURORA, Ore.–  The setter is an important position on the volleyball court.  He or she depending if it’s Boys Volleyball or Girls Volleyball is like the Point Guard of the play and assist their teammates in more ways than not.

Two years ago, North Marion’s Emma Morcom made the move from Right Side Hitter to Setter for the Huskies as a Junior.

“Its probably the hardest position as a setter, you have to know where everyone is and how high to set the ball, how low, everything.  So it was difficult at first trying to go into that position as a beginner to the position, but I definitely got it over time,” said Morcom.

Morcom steadily improved and eventually garner first team honors this past Fall as a Senior for North Marion.

Her leadership was evident as well as Huskie Head Coach Jackie Arnold remembered in their 4A State Playoff game against Sweet Home when Morcom showed up to play with the stomach flu and was pumped full of fluids and anti-nausea medication to help her through the game.

“I think the best way to describe it is, she was getting an IV four-hours before our State Playoff Game.  She was throwing up, she had the stomach flu and we didn’t know if we were going to play with her or have her,” said Arnold.  “They took her and gave her fluids and anti-nausea and she played the best match she ever played.  Even though we lost, this whole season she kept on getting better and better.  That shows what kind of leader she was.

“We had our freshman setter ready just in case and (Morcom) played the whole time.  I think the younger ones gained confidence, everyone was afraid because they knew they had to go no matter what and their leader my not be there.  And when their leader shows up and knew that she was sick, they were ready to carry her but their leader carried them and that is the kind of person she is.”

Morcom glancing down to the table as the North Marion Senior Setter prepared to sign her Letter of Intent to Multnomah Unviersity (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Caring and compassion best describes her personality as her teammates came up to take pictures with her after she signed her Letter of Intent to play volleyball at NAIA’s Multnomah University in Portland.  The Lions went 6-23 in 2018 and 3-17 in Cascade Collegiate Conference-play.

The environment, the friendliest of everyone on the volleyball team sold her on the team as Multnomah University filled an important need at Setter with Morcom for the next four or five years.

But there’s still work to be done for Morcom as she enters college and her third-year as a setter to improve while adjusting to the college game at MU.

“I know I can continue to improve more because going into the college-level it’s definitely faster paced games,” said Morcom.  “I definitely need to learn to set faster, transition faster.  It goes from one-type of speed to another really quickly.  It’s just getting comfortable to the position that you are in and making sure that you know where everything is at.”

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