Perrydale Gets One Last Home Win

By Jeremy McDonald

PERRYDALE, Ore.–  Regardless of the result on that scoreboard Wednesday Night, it was going to be the last time that Sydney Perkins and Alyssa Lux’s final game in front of their home crowd at Perrydale High School.

And they left it the way they wanted, as winners.  66-21 was the final over Triangle Lake to advance in the 1A State Playoffs.

“It hasn’t hit me yet that we don’t have another home game.  Like I don’t have another home game ever again and it’s really weird to think about,” said Lux.  “Each year I was always like, ‘yeah next year.  We always have next year’, but we don’t have next year this time so I think we ended it like this.”

“I mean it’s hard knowing that we’re not going to be here again, but we played so well that it was a good game to end on,” adds Perkins.

Perkins would hit on four three-pointers, three in the first half, as the senior finished with 13 points in the win.  But it was her defense that helped set up not her offensive output, but the whole Pirates offense.

The Perrydale defense held Triangle Lake to six first half points Wednesday night (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Perrydale held the Lakers to two first quarter points and six in the first half, all coming by Bailey Ellis with the Lady Pirates leading 41-6 at the halftime break.

“It’s really important for us in these games to play like we’re capable of instead ‘oh it’s layback.  We’re not going to worry about this’,” said Lux. “But take all the little things into consideration and work on those when we play a really good team that we already have those cracked down and ready to go.”

Perrydale would have to have the little things ready when they travel to Medford Saturday night to play Rouge Valley Adventist Academy where the Hawks two losses this season came way of Hosanna Christian and Paisley.

“I think it’s really important because we got to work on all of the fundamentals like talking on defense and our trap and everything so that’s really helpful,” said Perkins.

Elana Porter (2) defending Triangle Lake’s Emma Micah Reed (15) as the Pirates bench saw significant minutes in the 1A Opening Round (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The starters peaked their heads out to start the second half before the bench took over, and their deep bench continued the momentum that their starters created as Trinity Lake didn’t crack double figures until the fourth quarter.

“Really good.  All the bench players calling out all the plays and everything,” said Cody Lawrence, who scored eight points.  “We just got to prepare for what’s in front of us and just do one game at a time.”

Lux finished with seven points for the Pirates, Ellis finished with 13 points for the Lakers.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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