Game Within The Game

By Jeremy McDonald

AURORA, Ore.– A year after defeating Cascade on Senior Night, the North Marion Girls came home for Senior Night as Champions of the Tri-Valley Conference.

It’s a cool feeling as they laced it up against Gladstone Friday night in front of their home crowd and even took turns cutting down the net after the guys game at the end of the night.

“It’s an unreal feeling I love it. It gives me an adrenaline rush and it makes me super excited to know that my team and I have worked so hard to reach our fullest potential to accomplish,” said Raymee Boese on locking up the conference title.

But they still had work to do, Head Coach Trevor Bodine challenged his team to play ‘Game within a Game’ as the game was all knotted up at 11 after the first quarter.

Katie Ensign (12) and Mallory Patzer (23) looking on after Ensign was fouled late in Friday’s game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Slowly, the Huskies began to pull away with a strong second quarter that was followed up by a strong third quarter as North Marion led 49-29 entering the fourth quarter. The idea of the ‘Game within a Game’ helps reel them back in for the here and now.

“It’s very important because sometimes we lose focus of what you need when you’re so focused on a lot of things,” starts of Mar Versategui. “So if we narrow down our focus onto certain goals in a certain amount of time, it’s just easier. Focusing down on a goal and playing a game within a game makes me feel more driven to do better and it makes it easier.”

And with the regular season ending Tuesday at Corbett, there’s another challenge at hand to play a Game within the game and work on different area’s of their game for the first round games starting on March 2.

“I think it’ll be to trust each other and read our reaction. Like if I know Mar is coming the backdoor, then I know I’ll pass it to her,” said Boese. “So it’s just reading the defense and reading how our players play. That’s the best way I think we can win State and how we can finish up the season strong.”

Boese and Mya Hammack each scored 17 points for the Huskies. Verastegui added another 12. Paige Martin added five, Mackenzie Ulven added one on their Senior Night.

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