Sheridan Newman’s Crazy Finish Results In First Place

By Jeremy McDonald

JUNCTION CITY, Ore.– It was an interesting rebound win for Kaden Eggers after his tough loss to who Eggers described as the ‘Mini-Hulk’ in Junction City’s Titus Rice during his second match of the day.

Eggers was up against Ezra Haddy from Junction City and the Sheridan Senior quickly found himself nearly pinned down 4-1 before pulling off a Houdini move in kicking out his leg to break loose of Haddy’s grip.

Eggers then reached around for the front headlock and turned Haddy for the quick turnaround pin at the 1:02 mark of the match.

“I definitely got a Guardian Angel somewhere, I got lucky,” said Eggers with a smile and laugh about the match. “All my coaches told me to ‘pull my head out of my ass and wrestle your match’ and that really helped because the lowest I’ve placed all year was fifth and that was last weekend.”

What his coach told him to help the Junior to focus back up this weekend as he took to the mats once more for his third match of the day.

“And he told me today that if I don’t pull my head our ass then you’re not going to place first’,, which really opened my eyes. If I’m competing at my best, then I’m not going to make it to State. My ultimate goal is to go to State,” said Eggers as he went 4-1 on the day.

Eggers (right) circling around the circle with Haddy before Eggers found a way to win the match seconds later (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Shortly after, Eggers teammate DeAndre Broxturman was battling Santiam’s Weston Watts at 182 in both wrestlers third match of the day. Wyatt went up 2-0, Broxturman got it to 2-1. Watts went pushed lead to 4-1, Broxturman cut it to 4-3.

Broxturman continued to battle but Watts went up 5-3 in the third period as Broxturman rallied back and got the third period pin with 35 seconds left in the match.

“I went up versus him before so I kind of knew of his weaknesses and strengths,” said Broxturman,. “I had it in my head that he was out for a little while so he was going to be the same…it was hard I will say that.”

After the match, the two embraced one another in good sportsmanship as they continued on through the tournament. Broxturman finished second and Wyatt was third in the weight division Saturday.

Broxturman (blue) getting the upper hand his match following the one with Watts Saturday afternoon as the Sheridan wrestler finished second at 182-pounds (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

But, Caylib Newman had the true Mic-Drop for the Spartans with his watch-this moment to win the 126-pound weight class at the tournament as he pulled an Eggers and flipped the almost pin to a Newman Pin to seal his first tournament placement since finishing second at the Nestucca tournament almost two months ago.

Ironically, Newman and Newport’s Zethan Brandenberger met earlier in the tournament only see Newman getting the win over Brandenberg on the mat entering the Round portion of the tournament from the Pool-play round.

“Well with this being first meet getting first place, it’s the greatest feeling I’ve had. I didn’t get any placement since Nestucca, it was great,” said Newman. “It feels great, the last time I went up against this kid earlier today, it went into the second round with a minute left. So I feel pretty happy with how I beat him today.”

Delphain’s Carson Wagner, who’s wrestling on the team finished sixth at 120 pounds. Dillon Biery was ninth at 160.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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