Blanchet Roars Past Horizon Christian

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– It was strange to think when the final whistle blew in Blanchet Catholic’s dominant 64-23 win over Horizon Christian that it was a 10-9 Cavaliers lead late in the first quarter and the Hawks had momentum from a 5-0 run.

But thanks to strong defense that was set up by steals from Ana Coronado and pressure from Bailey Hittner and Trinity Phipps, Blanchet was able to build a 56-17 entering the fourth quarter in part of a 46-8 run that helped seal the game.

“Just staying calm and playing our game and not getting stressed when they their shots because that happens in a game,” said Hailey Ostby, who’s post presence resulted in 15 of her 19 first half points.  “They’ll get there’s we’ll get ours.”

And fall they certainly did with their shots entering the second half.  It was in the third quarter that was probably the true back-breaker and game-sealer as the Cavs shutout the Hawks in the 29-0 quarter after Blanchet led 37-17 at the halftime break as there was no stopping Blanchet in this game once they got control of the momentum.

Trinity Phipps (11) and Horizon Christians Alyssa Rose (3) going after a loose ball in the first half of Thursday’s game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

A nice little rebound after their first loss of the season to Stayton Saturday to close out the SCTC Tournament in Stayton where they didn’t play all too well against the host-Eagles.  But Thursday’s game gave the Cavs an opportunity to go ‘1-0’ and leave the loss in the past where it belongs.

“Usually when our defense is pretty good, offensively we’re doing the same thing.  Sometimes defense is key for us,” said Coronado, who was battling a hand injury sustained against Stayton on Saturday and finished with 14 points.  “We got into our own heads a little bit at the beginning and came out slow and gave them a lot of confidence, but eventually we shut them down.

“Every game we try to focus 1-0, this game is obviously behind us now.  We’re just going to continue to push and do what we do and focus on Portland Christian tomorrow.  We saw what their like earlier (versus Western Christian), they’re athletic and very aggressive so we just got to go in there with the same confidence into that game.”

Alyssa Rose broke the shutout for Horizon Christian with a free throw at the 7:43 mark of the fourth for one of her 12 points.

The Cavaliers will play Portland Christian Friday morning at 9am in Salem Academy’s main gym while Horizon Christian plays Western Christian at 4:30 in Salem Academy’s Auxiliary Gym.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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